Design Kayaks

Design Kayaks touring kayaks for sale

We are the leading supplier of Design Kayaks in the UK & Ireland - The range covers models built for speed and distance as well as versatile kayaks for touring and surf play. All three models have sufficient on-board storage for multi-day camping trips. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements

Design Kayaks Unplugged Touring Kayaks

Design Kayaks Unplugged

The Unplugged is designed to be suitable for novice and progressing kayakers as well as more advanced paddlers looking for a versatile tourer. Confidence inspiring stability, predictable handling and great straight-line tracking is just what is needed for progressing paddlers to unplug their potential!

Design Kayaks Awesome Agile Playful kayak

Design Kayaks Awesome

Awesome is playful and super agile made for big waves and big fun as well as being a great all round tourer. A roomy front deck and cutaways allow for effortless movement in rough conditions. Ideal for instructors, surf play or paddlers who just love having an Awesome time in lively waters.

Design Kayaks Endless Fast Touring kayak

Design Kayaks Endless

Long, sleek and fast the Design Kayaks Endless is based on surfski hull designs and aimed at intermediate to expert kayakers interested in covering a lot of distance efficiently or heading out for some Endless fun on fast downwind runs.