Inflatable Canoes For Sale

Inflatable Canoes by Gumotex & Sevylor

The models listed on this page are our top selling "inflatable canoes", inflatable canoes are normally paddled using paddles with a single blade at one end and a T handle at the other.

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Gumotex Inflatable Canoes

Gumotex manufacture the toughest and most durable inflatable canoes using the same production process and many of the same materials that are used in the White Water rafts. Each Gumotex canoe is fully inflated and inspected twice during the manufacturing process for maximum reliability.

Gumotex Palava inflatable canoe

Gumotex Palava

The Palava inflatable canoe is great for paddling solo, tandem or with a passenger in the middle seat. Suitable for flat water and some white water.

Gumotex Scout inflatable canoe

Gumotex Scout

The ultimate inflatable canoe for family paddling or touring with lots of kit.

Carrying capacity of 450kg


Sevylor Inflatable Canoes

Sevylor offer a range of inflatable canoes

Sevylor Hudson Inflatable

Sevylor Ottawa

A real family inflatable canoe, the Ottawa comes with 3 comfortable seats and a sleek design for easier paddling.


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