Canoeing & Kayaking Cags & Tops

Kayaking Cagoules and Jackets for sale from Kayaks & Paddles Canoe Shop UK.

Recreational Cagoules

Recreational Cagoules

  • Made from Non-Breathable or Breathable fabrics.
  • Have a simple Neoprene neck with Velcro closure.
  • Neoprene Cone or Velcro adjustable wrists.
  • Single waist with either a Elasticated or drawstring adjustment.
  • Ideal for Keeping the wind off, the odd splash and a short shower of rain!!
Touring and Sea Cagoules

Touring & Sea Kayaking Cags

  • Made from Breathable Fabrics.
  • Single / Double Neck Systems.
  • Roll away or Fixed Hoods.
  • Pockets: can be on chest or chest/arm.
  • Single or Double Waists (adjustable).
  • Latex Seal under an outer wrist seal.
  • Designed to keep you warmer, dryer & more comfortable on long days on the water.
Semi Dry & Dry Cagoules

Semi Dry & Dry Cags

  • Semi Dry: A neoprene neck seal only.
  • Dry: A neoprene & latex neck seal.
  • Double wrist - latex & neoprene outer.
  • Single & double waist options.
  • Reinforced areas for add protection.

If you want to stay dry while learning the skills, surfing or White Water kayaking then one of these is required....

Short sleeve cags

Short Sleeve Cags

  • Semi Dry Neoprene neck seal.
  • Velcro adjustable collar.
  • Soft Neoprene arm gasket.
  • Single & Double Waist options.
  • Reinforced areas for add protection.

Designed for spring and summer days on the water where a long sleeve is unnecessary, but conditions require a garment that will keep you drier than a splash jacket.....