Canoeing & Kayaking Cags & Tops

Cagoules and Jackets for sale from Kayaks & Paddles Canoe Shop UK.

Recreational Cags

Recreational Cagoules

Ideal for Keeping the wind off, the odd splash and a short shower of rain! Made from Non-Breathable or Breathable fabrics with a simple Neoprene neck with Velcro closure and a single waist with either a Elasticated or drawstring adjustment.

Touring/Sea Kayaking Cags

Sea Kayaking Cagoules

Designed to keep you warmer, dryer & more comfortable on long days on the water. Made from Breathable Fabrics with a range of design features such as Single / Double Neck Systems and Roll away or Fixed Hoods. Single or Double Waists Most will have a Latex Seal under an outer wrist seal with a velcro closure. Multiple pockets and tie off points to stow various safety gear.

Semi-Dry & Dry Cags

Semi-Dry Cags

Semi-Dry Cags have neoprene neck seal only whereas Dry Cags have both a neoprene & latex neck seal. Double wrist seals comprise a latex inner seal & neoprene outer. There are Single & double waist options. Reinforced areas provide added protection.

Short Sleeve Cags

Semi-Dry Cags

Designed for spring and summer days on the water where a long sleeve is unnecessary, but conditions require a garment that will keep you drier than a splash jacket. Semi Dry Neoprene neck seals with Velcro adjustable collars complimented by soft Neoprene arm gaskets. There are single & Double Waist options and reinforced areas for added protection.