Enigma Canoes

Open Canoes made in the UK

Enigma Canoes feature classic designs, tough and durable constructions and robust outfitting making these models an excellent choice for recreational and general paddling. The range includes solo canoes, tandem canoes and larger family/group canoes. These models are also great for demanding hire use, guided tours and outdoor activity centre use.

Enigma RTI 13 Canoe

Enigma Canoes RTI 13

Short and lightweight canoe aimed at solo paddlers looking for a manoeuvrable canoe that can carry a small load.

Enigma Nimrod 14 Canoe

Enigma Nimrod 14

Classic, fast & light touring canoe. Fantastic solo boat but also great for 2 lighter paddlers or carrying small loads.

Enigma Nimrod 15 Canoe

Enigma Nimrod 15

The perfect blend of paddling performance and load carrying. The Nimrod 15 is a great all-round canoe perfect for weekend trips away.

Enigma Turing 16 Canoe

Enigma Canoes Turing 16

The Turing 16 has the storage capacity to fit all your kit for a family day out or a weekend adventure.

Enigma Turing 16 Canoe

Enigma Canoes Prospector 16

This classic shape is designed to be the perfect general purpose shape for a canoe. The Prospector 16 is a great all round hull shape for flat water touring to gentle moving water.

Enigma Prospector 17 Canoe

Enigma Canoes Prospector 17

A large capacity canoe with a classic hull design. A great option for those wanting a versatile craft to tackle various paddling environments, yet with the capacity to take several people or plenty of kit.

Enigma Canoes Turing 17

Enigma Canoes Turing 17

The Turing 17 is a robust and efficient Family Craft. With room to fit extra seats or kit, it is the real workhorse of the Enigma range of canoes.