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Sit On Tops

Sit On Top Kayaks are very popular. These kayaks are great for first time paddlers as they are easy to paddle and are stable on the water. They are easy to get in and out of and can be paddled by just about everybody! There are lots of types of sit on top kayaks covering a range of budgets from inexpensive all-rounder kayaks to more expensive specialist kayaks. We stock a huge range of Sit On Tops suitable for all abilities and budgets. If you are unsure on the best type for you then please contact us and a member of staff can offer expert advice and help you find the right kayak for you.

Sit On Tops are available in 3 main types: Single Seat, Tandem/Family & Fishing Kayaks. We also offer great value starter packages - click here to view our Sit On Top Kayak Packages. For those who want the cutting edge in sit on top kayaking, check out the Hobie Kayaks range powered by the Mirage Drive pedal system!

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Single Seat Sit On Tops

Single Seaters

Tandem Sit On Tops

Tandem / 3 Seat

Sit On Tops for Kayak Fishing

Fishing Kayaks

Hobie Mirage Sit On Top Kayaks

Hobie Mirage Kayaks

Kayak Package Deals

Sit On Top Kayak Package Deals

Kayak Paddles for Sit On Top Kayaking

Paddles for Sit On Top Kayaks

Buoyancy Aids for Sit On Top Kayaking

Buoyancy Aids for Sit On Top Kayaking

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