Design Kayaks Unplugged Blue Ocean

Design Kayaks Unplugged

Unplugged Seat detail
Design Kayaks Unplugged bow perspective
Design Kayaks Unplugged Hull view
Design Kayaks Unplugged Deck Fittings

Design Kayaks Unplugged

Stable and Responsive Touring Kayak

Design Kayaks Unplugged is a dependable and versatile transition kayak for those wanting to Unplug their potential and move into the sea kayaking experience and is ideal for progressing kayakers too!

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Design Kayaks Unplugged Kayak

Unplugged is a mid length sea kayak available in a regular or large volume build and is suitable for a wide range of paddlers from beginners to the more experienced. It has great tracking characteristics, responds very well to edging, is long enough for general touring and agile enough for exploring gullies and playing in the surf!

Designed to provide a confidence inspiring feel from the outset this is a great kayak for teaching paddlers a wide range of skills from basic paddle and rescue techniques and skeg control through to rolling and learning to paddle in choppy waters. The decks have a low profile to minimize wind impact and the low stern deck also makes rolling and self-rescue or assisted rescues easy too.

The hull shape of a kayak is really important when considering which one to purchase. The hull of the Design kayaks Unplugged has a V profile at the bow and stern which gradually flattens towards the middle but still carries through as a soft V with a noticable keel line. The rocker is gentle providing for good manoevrability without compromising straight-line tracking. This kind of hull also provides plenty of efficiency and a good turn of speed too!

The seat and backrest are designed for comfort and to aid good paddling technique. Likewise the thigh braces provide great connectivity with effortless transfer of body movement to the hull. The cockpit is a medium keyhole design, this again helps with connectivity however is wide enough at the front for entry and exit to be easy. The skeg control slider is located in easy reach and won't encumber paddling.

In addition to a well-designed deck with decklines and storage bungee cords Design Kayaks have included a paddle roll at the front of one of the deck lines. This is a small ball on a deck line that makes it easy to quickly push the blade of your paddle under the deckline when you just want to stow it for a few minutes to grab a snack or some photos etc. The sturdy bulkheads are sealed from both sides and spacious enough to stow the kit you need for multi-day trips. You will find the hatches easy to fit and remove however they are very well secured as well.


  • Comfortable Seat
  • Adjustable Backstrap
  • SlideLock Footbraces
  • KajakSport Drop down skeg
  • Front Hatch
  • Rear Hatch
  • Day Hatch
  • Front & Rear Minicell Bulkheads
  • Fore and Aft Decklines
  • Rear Deck bungees

Unplugged Regular Dimensions

  • Length 505 cm.
  • Width 54cm.
  • Deck Height Front 30cm.
  • Deck Height Rear 25cm.
  • Weight 24kg.
  • Recommended paddler size: Height 160-185 cm, Weight up to 90 kg
  • Cockpit dimensions: 87cm long x 47cm wide - N5 / R5 / Bigdeck

Unplugged Large Dimensions

  • Length 515 cm.
  • Width 56cm.
  • Deck Height Front 34cm.
  • Deck Height Rear 27cm.
  • Weight 26kg.
  • Recommended paddler size: Height 170-210 cm, Weight 90kg upwards
  • Cockpit dimensions: 87cm long x 47cm wide - N5 / R5 / Bigdeck


Design Kayaks Unplugged in Spring Green

Spring Green

Design Kayaks Endless in Juicy Orange

Juicy Orange

Design Kayaks Unplugged in Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean


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