Titan kayaks for Sale in the UK and Ireland

Titan Kayaks

Titan Watercraft Whitewater Kayaks

Titan Watercraft offers a great ranges of whitewater kayaks for all paddling abilities to enjoy creeking, river running, freestyle and surfing. Titan Kayaks is an athlete based company built from the ground up by passionate athletes and individuals producing high quality boats, of world class designs, at affordable prices is only part of their mission.

Whitewater kayaks

Titan Nymph Half-Slice White Water Kayak

Titan Kayaks Nymph

A fast “half-slice” river runner for quick and playful whitewater paddling and downriver play. Easy to roll and get vertical.

Titan kayaks Dragon whitewater Kayak

Titan Kayaks Dragon

Titan’s creek boat aimed for paddlers looking for something to ace their local run or go on expeditions and push the limits of kayaking on larger rapids.

Titan Yantra Whitewater kayak

Titan Kayaks Yantra

A forgiving rounded nose and overall design, perfect for paddlers looking to push themselves or beginners looking to start on moving water.

Titan Genesis Freestyle Kayak
Titan Kayaks Genesis

Available in three sizes (V1, V2, V3), this playboat has the ability to do all the freestyle moves whether looping or looking for something to take onto a wave and surf.

Titan Mix Kayak
Titan Mix kayak

Titan Kayaks MIX

A small sit-on-top with great portability but also the ability to surf or even freestyle kayaking with its playboat inspired hull.