Gloves, Mitts & Pogies for Canoeing & Kayaking

Keep Your Hands Warm Whilst Paddling

We stock an excellent range of gloves, mitts and pogies from NRS, Palm and Yak.

NRS Fuse Gloves

Palm Fuse Neoprene Gloves


A tough yet flexible all-round neoprene glove, our most popular selling glove.


Palm Throttle Gloves

Palm Throttle Gloves


A durable and flexible 2 mm thick neoprene multi sport glove.



NRS Maverick Gloves

NRS Maverick Waterproof Gloves



Keep your hands not only warm but dry, this glove is completely waterproof.


Palm High Five Gloves

Palm High Five Kids Kayaking Glove



A basic neoprene multi-sport glove for children.


Palm Descent Mitts

Palm Descent Neoprene Paddle Mitts

A 4mm neoprene paddle mitt which offers quick and easy access to your paddle and provides warmth without compromising control.


Palm Current Mitts

Palm Current Mitts

Fleeced lined paddling mitt with a windproof shell.