Sit On Top Kayaks (Single Seat)

The Sit On Top Kayaks on this page are the most popular single seat models available. Our staff paddle the kayaks that we sell. We also stock an excellent range of Tandem Sit On Top Kayaks - click here to view

FeelFree Roamer 1 details

The Feel Free Roamer 1 is a superb sit on top and ranks amongst the very best available. The Roamer 1 has a great hull for either surfing or exploring up an estuary, canal, and river or around the coastline.

Nomad Sport Sit On Top by Feelfree Kayaks

The Nomad Sport is the a modern general purpose sit on top for paddling on the sea and inland waters. Great fun for all the family to enjoy.

Enigma Kayaks Flow Single Sit On Top Kayaks

The Flow is a great all round single sit on top kayak for general paddling fun and days at the beach.

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak Package Deal

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler

The Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler is a small and lightweight fishing kayak for calm water use. Well equipped with 5 rod holders and two storage hatches. Great for a spot of fishing on calm days. Lightweight and easy to carry.

Perception Kayaks Scooter

Wavesport Scooter

Formerly the Perception Scooter, the Wavesport Scooter is one of the UK's best selling sit on tops. The Scooters WhiteOut seat gives good padding and back support plus room for a child to sit in front of you.

Riot Escape 9 Sit On top Kayak fopr kids

Riot Escape 9

Lightweight and easy to handle for young paddlers. Stable hull design for the little ones to get to grips with paddling. Great for children, teenagers and small adults.

Perception Kayaks Triumph 13

Perception Kayaks Triumph 13

The Triumph 13 is one of our best sellers for coastal touring and fishing. The speedy yet stable and efficient hull is perfect for exploring several miles of coastline.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 E

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 E

The Tarpon 100 is the 'Deluxe' sit on top. With a fixed in seat that can be adjusted, sliding footrests, two hatches and slide traxs for fixing rod holder too.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 E

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 E

The Tarpon 120 is a great touring & fishing sit on top. It has very unique features that has made it one of the most poular sit on top on the market.

Feelfree Juntos Sit On Top

Feelfree Juntos

A true family kayak for beach fun, coastal exploring and calm inland rivers and canals. Includes a child seat at the front.

Feelfree Move Sit On Top Kayak

Feelfree Move

The Feelfree Move is the perfect kayak for children and smaller adults alike. The Move is a compact and versatile sit on top kayak.

Feelfree Moken 10 Lite Sit On Top Kayak

Feelfree Moken 10 Lite

Stable, lightweight 10ft sit on top that's great for flat water paddling on the sea and inland waters. Features include a large bow storage hatch and a Wheel in the Keel.

Feel Free Moken 12

Feelfree Moken 12

The Feel Free Moken 12 is a feature packed Sit On Top Kayak for sit on top kayaking and kayak fishing. The Moken 12 offers great speed and directional stability and for touring.

Hobie Mirage Drive Pedal Kayaks

Hobie Mirage Drive Pedal Kayak

Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks offer a 'hands free' solution to kayaking. These kayaks can be controlled by pedalling, leaving your hands free for fishing, photography and more.

Jackson Karma for sale UK

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