Riot Kayaks

Affordable Range of Recreational, Touring & Whitewater Kayaks

Riot offer one of the best ranges of touring kayaks for all paddling abilities to enjoy on inland and coastal waters. Designed for recreational paddling in maximum comfort without breaking the bank. All manufactured with HDPE (high density polyethelene) for maximum durability and performance.

Riot Sit On Top Kayaks

Riot Escape 9 Sit On top Kayak for kids

Riot Escape 9

Lightweight and easy to handle for young paddlers. Stable hull design for the little ones to get to grips with paddling. Great for children, teenagers and small adults.

Length: 279cm | Width: 72cm | Depth: 30cm | Weight: 14.5kg | Weight Capacity: 80kg


Riot Recreational Touring Kayaks

Riot Quest 9.5 - a stable kayak for flat water paddling

Riot Quest 9.5

Save 38%

A super stable and comfortable kayak for flat water paddling. Popular for first time paddlers as well as paddlers looking for a relaxed flat water kayak. Recomended for adults and older children.

Length: 290cm | Width 70cm | Weight 18kg | Max Capacity 100kg

Riot Quest 10 HV Touring Kayaks

Riot Quest 10 HV

Save 36%

A very stable kayak for new paddlers and experience paddlers looking for a a relaxed paddle on their local water.

Higher carrying capacity than the smaller 9.5

Length: 305cm | Width 76cm | Weight 24kg | Max Capacity 150kg

Riot Edge 11 touring kayaks

Riot Edge 11 with Skeg

Save 14%

A nimble kayak for touring on flat water - well equipped with drop down skeg, rear storage compartment and comfortable seating system.

Length: 331cm | Width 70cm | Weight 24kg | Max Capacity 125kg

Riot Enduro 12 with Skeg - touring kayak

Riot Enduro 12 with Skeg

Save 14%

Stable 12ft touring kayak with front and rear storage compartments with plenty of space for all your gear.

Length: 358cm | Width 69cm | Weight 27kg | Max Capacity 159kg

Riot Enduro 13 touring kayaks with retractable skeg

Riot Enduro 13 With Skeg

Save 13%

Longer and sleeker version of the Enduro 12 offering additional carrying capacity and forward speed.

Length: 385cm | Width 64cm | Weight 25kg | Max Capacity 136kg

Riot Edge 13 touring kayaks with retractable skeg

Riot Edge 13 With Skeg

Save 13%

Longer and sleeker version of the Edge 11 offering a snack hatch, additional carrying capacity and improved forward speed.

Length: 398cm | Width 64cm | Weight 26.5kg | Max Capacity 136kg

Riot Edge 15 Touring Kayaks

Riot Edge 15 with Skeg

Save 13%

A versatile and easy-to-use day touring kayak. A great first touring kayak for those longer trips and overnighters.

Length: 457cm | Width 59cm | Weight 29.2kg | Max Capacity 118kg

Riot Brittany 16.5 plastic sea kayaks

Riot Brittany 16.5 Sea Kayak

A well equipped entry level sea kayak offering unrivalled value for money in todays market.

Length: 482cm | Width 55cm | Weight 30kg | Max Capacity 159kg


Riot Recreational Tandem Touring Kayaks

Riot Kayaks Bayside Tandem

Riot Kayaks Bayside

Save 11%

A recreational tandem kayak with a large open cockpit at a great price. Ideal for exploring gentle inland or coastal waters and with plenty of storage space to pack in enough gear for a couple of days of camping!


Riot White Water & Surf Kayaks

Riot made their name with their White Water range of kayaks and they're still selling well today. All made from HDPE plastic for maximum durability and strength.

Riot Magnum Creek Kayaks

Riot Magnum 72 & Magnum 80

A popular creek boat designed by Riot's top WW kayakers offering great value for money with fully adjustable outfitting at an affordable price. Available in two sizes to suit different sized paddlers.

  • Magnum 72: Paddler Weight Range 50kg – 82kg
  • Magnum 80: Paddler Weight Range 77kg – 104kg.
Riot Thunder 65 & 76 kayaks

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

A great river kayak, stable and forgiving. The planing hull will surf all day long and makes for a great stable river kayak.