Canoe & Kayak Paddles

We stock a wide range of paddles for kayaks and canoes

Canoe & Kayak paddles come in many lengths & styles. To help, we have categorised them to enable you choose the right one. View further details by following the links.

Recreational & Sit On Top Kayak Paddles

Paddles for sit on top and recreational kayaks

Recreational paddles for use with Sit On Tops, Recreational Kayaks or inflatables. These paddle are ideal for beach use, lakes or estuaries. We only sell good quality paddles fit for purpose.

Touring & Sea Kayak Paddles

Paddles for touring and sea kayaks

Touring & Sea Kayaking paddles have been designed with performance in mind. They produce more forward momentum with less effort & are built with higher & lighter quality materials.

White Water Kayak Paddles

White water kayak paddles

We have a range of paddles designed for white water, surfing or general paddling. These are designed to be used with Short white water kayaks and to take a lot of punishment.

Inflatable Kayak Paddles

Paddles for inflatable kayaks

We have a range of split paddles (take a part) for use with inflatables or as an emergency spare.

Canadian Canoe Paddles

Canadian canoe paddles

Single blade canoe paddles for open canoeing including wooden, plastic and alloy construction.

Kids Paddle

Childrens Canoe & Kayak Paddles Ideal For Kids

Canoe and kayak paddles desgined specifically with children paddling in mind.

Paddle Bags

Kayak and canoe paddle bags

Bags to protect your canoe or kayak paddle whilst travelling.