Versatile Roof Load Carrier by Dropracks

dropracks loaded with kayaks
dropracks loaded with bikes
dropracks loaded with bikes
dropracks load carrier
dropracks load carrier
dropracks load carrier


Versatile roof load carrier

Easily and securely load and transport your kayak, cycle, skis, roofbox and more.

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Dropracks provide a secure load assist system which can take any T-Track carrier designed for specific sports equipment or luggage systems such as Thule Roof Boxes, Canoe or Kayak Carriers, Ski racks, SUP and Surfboard carriers even roof tents!

Available in two sizes to fit a range of cars and a third size for higher vehicles including most medium sized vans. This system can be used on car roofs that have flush or raised rails or fixpoint fittings. It is not suitable for vehicles that use the clamp style attachments that grip into the top of the door openings.

This innovative system uses a crank handle with a built-in clutch system to rapidly and easily wind the load bars down to a convenient height where you can load your items with minimal lifting. There is a built in clutch which means when cranking you can stop at any time and the load will remain securely where it is. This offers a significant advantage over the kind of loaders where you have to push the load up, or pull it down, pretty much in one go using muscle power all the way. Check out the videos below to see this in action.

Demonstration of the Dropracks system showing its key features and almost effortless operation.

A short insight into the versatility of the Dropracks system showing a range of products being loaded


  • Quick and easy loading and unloading from three sides
  • T-Track for attaching load carriers like skis, bikes, kayaks, roof boxes, tents and more
  • Horizontal loading surface for safe and easy access to your gear
  • Integrated lifting crank with adjustable lengths for heavy or light loads
  • Rubber strips on top for added friction and protection of your gear
  • Stainless steel click locks for quick departure
  • Compact and closed design in driving position for a streamlined look
  • Durable black anodized aluminum finish
  • Designed and tested in Norway for harsh conditions
  • Approved to international standards for roof racks

Specifications - Regular

  • Lifting Capacity: 75kg - 165lbs
  • Static Capacity: 294kg - 650lbs
  • Dynamic Capacity: 100kg - 220lbs
  • Total Width: 140cm - 55"
  • Load Surface Width: 129.5cm - 51"
  • Drop Distance: 71cm - 28"
  • Build Height: 7.9cm - 3.1"

Specifications - XL

  • Lifting Capacity: 80kg - 175lbs
  • Static Capacity: 300kg - 650lbs
  • Dynamic Capacity: 100kg - 220lbs
  • Total Width: 160cm - 63"
  • Weight: 29kg, 64lbs
  • Load Surface Width: 150cm - 59"
  • Drop Distance: 80cm - 31"
  • Build Height: 8cm - 3.1"

Specifications - High Vehicle

  • Lifting Capacity: 80kg - 176lbs
  • Static Capacity: 294kg - 650lbs
  • Dynamic Capacity: 100kg, 220lbs
  • Total Width: 160cm - 63"
  • Load Surface Width: 129.5cm - 59"
  • Drop Distance: 71cm - 31"
  • Build Height: 7.9cm - 3.1"

If you need any further help or advice about the Dropracks please get in touch by email, phone or visit our shop