Roof Rack Accessories

Equipment & Accessories For Transporting Kayaks, SUPs & Canoes

We stock an excellent range of Roof Rack Accessories.

CSG Canoe & Kayak Straps

Canoe Shops Group Roofrack Straps

25mm Roof Rack Straps with a cam buckle with a neoprene protection pad. The best solution to securing your kayak or canoe to your vehicle. Available in 3m or 5m lengths.

From: £15.95

CSG Roof Rack Pads

Canoe Shops Roof Bar Pads

Roof Rack Pads Ideal for any Canoe, SUP, Surfboard or Kayak. Available in 40cm & 80cm Lengths.

Compatible with Thule Square Load Bars

From: £14.95

Thule Roof Rack Pads

Thule Roof Racks Pads

Provide extra protection to your load with these high density foam pads with a hard-wearing nylon outer. Roof rack pads also provide a lot more grip for your load and stop it moving around on the bars, eliminating any danger of it working loose. Available in short/half or full length, available for both Thule Square Bars and Evo WingBars.

From: £39.99 (RRP £44.99 - Saving £5.00)

Palm Roof Rack Pads

Palm Roof Racks Pads

Durable and easy to fit - simply wrap the pads round the bars fasten the Velcro strips and you are ready to load up and go. Available in 50 and 80cm lengths and will fit most roof rack bars. Ideal for Sea Kayaks, Recreational Kayaks, SOTs, SUPs and surfboards too!

From: £24.30 (RRP £27.00 - Saving £2.70)

Thule Lockable Straps

Thule Lockable Roofrack Straps

Thule's lockable strap contains a highly durable steel core wire which protects against cutting. The buckle has a protective cover to avoid scratches on the kayak. It's possible to tighten the strap both in a locked and an open position. 4m in length.

Price: £69.99 (RRP £74.99 - Saving £5.00)

HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack

Handi Rack Inflatable Roofrack

The HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack fits almost any 4 door car. Carriers loads up to 80Kg. made from tough laminated nylon. Check your car's roof load capacity before buying.

  • 3 Metre Roof Rack Straps Included
  • Supplied With Storage Bag
  • Hand Pump Included

Price: £71.99 (RRP £79.99 - Saving £8.00)

Kayak Security Cable

Beluga Kayak Roofrack Security Cable
Secures your kayak, SOT, canoe or SUP to your vehicle. Simply put the loop end through a secure place on your canoe/kayak, wrap around your locked roofrack. Then put the ball end through the loop and pull tight. Then either open your boot or door and carefully put the Plug inside your vehicle, and lock as normal.

Price: £19.95

Kajak Sport KS Transportation Safety Flag

Kajak Sport Transportation Safety Flag

A Hi-Vis marker / safety flag that can be attached to the rear of your kayak or canoe whilst in transit. Recommended if your kayak or canoe overhangs your vehicle.

Price: £6.95

Thule QuickDraw 838 (Pair)

Thule QuickDraw 838

Easy front and rear tie down lines for your kayak or craft for safe transportation. Useful on long hulls to reduce movement in transit.

Price: £42.49 (RRP £49.99 - Saving £7.50)

Thule Multilift 572

Thule Multilift 572

The Thule Multilift 572 is a roof-mounted storage system designed to help transport and store items like Kayaks, Surfboards, SUP's and Roof Boxes onto, and off, the roof of a car.

Price: £109.99 (RRP £129.99 - Saving £20.00)

Dryrobe Car & Van Seat Covers

Dryrobe Seat Covers

Dryrobe Changing Robes and Car Seat Covers for sale from the Kayaks and Paddles shop or by mail order throughout the UK

From: £50.00