Buoyancy Aids For Canoeing Kayaking & Paddleboarding

Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) for Safety

Wearing a Buoyancy Aid is always recommended for your personal safety and that of others when canoeing, kayaking or paddleboarding. Buoyancy Aids will provide floation while in the water, they also offer some protection against impact and provide additional warmth. The PFDs below are categorised into the most common types, view further details by following the links.

Recreational / General Purpose Buoyancy Aids

Recreational Buoyancy Aids

Simple, Safe and great value buoyancy aids, available for children & adults. Ideal for use with sit on top kayaks, canoes, recreational kayaks and paddleboards.

Touring & Sea Buoyancy Aids

Sea Kayak Touring Buoyancy Aids

Touring & Sea Kayaking Buoyancy aids are tailored to improve mobility and have additional features such as multiple pockets, attachment points for safety kit, more reflective detail, shaped foam and harder wearing fabrics.

White Water Safety & Rescue PFDs

White Water PFDs

Designed for WW paddling with extra buoyancy for white water use. From simple entry level and Freestyle PFD's to Safety & Rescue PFDs and Creeking Buoyancy Aids.

Animal & Pet Buoyancy Aids

Animal & Pet Buoyancy Aids

A PFD for a dog or cat makes sense if you are planning on taking your pet on the water - even a strong swimmer can become disorientated if they jump overboard - we have sizes to fit most breeds.

Buoyancy Aids & Life Jackets for Children
Kids PFD's

A PFD is recommended for all children during general inshore and inland watersports including canoeing and kayaking. A life-Jacket is best for any children who are not yet swimming, they float the wearer on their back whereas a Buoyancy Aid will allow doggy paddle style of swimming.

Stand Up Paddle Board PFD

Palm Glide SUP PFD

Very compact when worn as a waist belt with the PFD stored in a rear pocket compartment. Offers the option of either Manual or toggle pull Cylinder Operated inflation - perfect for Stand Up Paddle Boarding.