Buoyancy Aids For Canoeing & Kayaking - PFDs

Wearing a Buoyancy Aid is always recommend for your personal safety and safety of others when canoeing or kayaking. Buoyancy Aids will provide floation while in the water, but also warmth. The buoyancy aids below are categorised into the most common types, view further details by following the links.

Recreational / GP Buoyancy Aids

Recreational Buoyancy Aids

Simple, Safe and great value buoyancy aids. For children & adults. Ideal usage with Sit on top kayaks, canoes and recreational kayaks.

Touring & Sea Buoyancy Aids

Sea Kayak Touring Buoyancy Aids

Touring & Sea Buoyancy aids are more technical and have more features. Front & Rear Pockets - More reflective detail - Shaped foam - Harder wearing fabrics - More flotation.

White Water Safety & Rescue PFDs

White Water PFDs

Designed for WW paddling with extra buoyancy for white water use. From simple entry level to Safety & Rescue PFDs.