Whitewater Kayaks

Kayaks for River, Creeks and Surf

We sell a wide range of kayaks for paddling on white water rivers. Whether you are a beginner looking for a kayak to progress your skills, or a hard-core adrenaline junkie looking to take on the challenging Grade4 and Grade 5 waters, we will have a kayak to suit you. Take a look at our range of river runners, creekers, playboats and general purpose crossover kayaks by clicking the links below:

River Running Kayaks

River Running Kayaks For Sale

River running kayaks are good all rounders for white water paddling with some playing and surfing too. These kayaks are generally longer than playboats but less volume than creek boats.

Creek Boats & Kayaks

Creek Boat Kayaks For Sale

High volume white water kayaks designed for paddling on Grade 3-5 white waters. Also suits paddlers wanting some extra stability and forgiveness whilst progressing their skills.

Playboats & Freestyle

Playboats & Freestyle Kayaks For Sale

Designed for wave play. Get on a wave face and perform all sorts of tricks with one of these super fun kayaks!

Crossover & General Purpose Kayaks

Crossover Kayaks For Sale

Hybrid touring-whitewater kayaks, perfect for a bit of flatwater touring and a bit of river paddling. Great all-rounders and popular with club paddlers progressing their skills.