Open Canoes For Sale UK

Our Most Popular Open Canadian Canoes

Open canoes are available in a range of sizes and construction materials with different seating configurations. The canadian canoes listed below are the most popular models for canoeing in the UK. We supply canoes from the top canoe manufacturers worldwide including Nova Craft Canoes, Swift Canoes, Old Town Canoes, Enigma Canoes, Pelican Canoes, Gumotex Inflatable Canoes, and more!

Recreational Open Canoes For The Family

A range of recreational open canoes constructed from a two layer Ram-X material, which is lightweight yet durable. An excellent choice for families, beginneres, and those just looking to get out on the water!

Pelican Explorer 14.6 Canoe

Pelican Explorer 14.6 DLX Canoe

Featuring comfortable seats with backrests, the Explorer 14.6 is a great choice for laid-back paddling on calm waters. Perfect for a cruise on the lake or river and a great size for two adults and a child or pet.

Pelican 15.5

Pelican 15.5 Canoe

A very popular family canoe made from Pelican's lightweight RAM-X construction. Stable and durable canoe for the whole family.


Durable Triple Layer Canoes

Triple layer Polyethylene canoes are much stronger and tougher than single or 2-layer canoes. The foam core sandwich construction is much stiffer (higher performance) and provides inherent buoyancy. These canoes are much more durable for regular use than single/2-layer entry level open canoes.

Old Town Discovery 119 Canoe For Sale

Old Town Discovery 119

The Old Town Discovery 119 is a solo canoe that's agile, stable, user-friendly, and easy to handle. A compact open canoe that's fun to paddle, even with enough space to bring along a smaller passenger with you.

Old Town Sportsman Discovery 119 Solo Canoe For Sale

Old Town Sportsman Discovery 119 Solo

The Sportsman Discovery 119 from Old Town is a grab and go solo canoe that offers comfort, as well as versatility. A great for choice for paddlers looking to fish, bird-watch, or trips on the local river.

Enigma Canoes Tripper 14 Day Tripping Canoe

Enigma Canoes Tripper 14

A 14ft Open Canoe designed specifically for day tripping, and family canoeing. The Enigma Tripper 14 offers a wide beam for reassuring stability, as well as a flat hull and full length keel for improved tracking, even in stronger cross winds.

Old Town Discovery 133 Canoe For Sale

Old Town Discovery 133

The Old Town Discovery 133 is a wide, stable, sporting canoe that can be paddled in a variety of different ways. A versatile design that offers both traditional canoeing and the ability to row from the center seat.

Enigma Canoes Prospector Sport 16ft Canoe

Enigma Canoes Prospector Sport

The Enigma Prospector Sport takes the iconic prospector hull design, which has been fine tuned with a slightly narrower sleeker bow & stern, and less overall rocker. This produces a canoe with improved tracking and reduced water resistance, equating to a fast & efficient canoe, great for long trips on rough open water and fast moving rivers.

Enigma Prospector 16 Canoe

Enigma Canoes Prospector 16

This classic shape is designed to be the perfect general purpose shape for a canoe. The Prospector 16 is a great all round hull shape for flat water touring to gentle moving water.

Old Town Discovery 158 Canoe For Sale

Old Town Discovery 158

The Old Town Discovery 158 is a tried & tested all-rounder. Built by Old Town Canoes in the USA for the over 30 years, to this day it's one of our most popular canoes. Rugged and tough design, without sacrificing on-water performance.

Enigma Canoes Journey 164 High Capacity Canoe

Enigma Canoes Journey 164

The Enigma Journey 164 is the ultimate family tripping canoe. With an immense carrying capacity and deep v-hull shape for optimal tracking, the Enigma Journey 164 is at home on long open water excursions. It's durable construction is great for families, as well as scouting groups and outdoor education centres.

Old Town Penobscot 164 Canoe For Sale

Old Town Penobscot 164

The Old Town Penobscot 164 is a sleek, nimble, tripping canoe that offers excellent forward speed, and straight-line tracking. Constructed from tough and durable 3-Layer Polyethylene.

Old Town Discovery 169 Canoe For Sale

Old Town Discovery 169

A generous carrying capacity and plenty of waterline length, the Old Town Discovery 169 is an excellent tripping canoe. Taking the family away on a multi-day camping trip up-river has never been easier.

Old Town Penobscot 174 Canoe For Sale

Old Town Penobscot 174

The Old Town Penobscot 174 is a classic, proven design, open canoe that offers amble carrying capacity along with fast forward speed, making it an excellent tripping & expedition canoe.


Flat Back Transom Canoes For Use With Outboard Motors

Open canoes, typically constructed from Triple Layer Polyethylene, with a transom to be powered with a petrol or electric outboard motor.

Enigma Canoes Square Stern 126 Canoe

Enigma Canoes Square Stern 126

The Enigma Square Stern 126 is a tough triple layer open canoe, which features a square stern. Great for those who regularly use an outboard motor, and with its flat hull & single-shaped keel, offers superb stability.


Lightweight Canoes

Lightweight canoes are much easier to transport on top of your car roof rack and to paddle. Generally, lightweight canoes are made from composite materials such as TuffStuff and Kevlar Fusion to give a lightweight craft that's easy to portage, and handle both on and off the water.

Lightweight Composite Canoes For Sale UK - Imported From Canada

View Lightweight Composite Canoes

Our full range of lightweight open canoes available to buy in the UK - Imported From Canada. Lightweight Solo, Tandem & Family Canoes available from leading composite canoe manufacturers Nova Craft Canoes and Swift Canoes.


If you are looking for a canoe that's not listed, please follow the manufacturer links below:
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