Kayak & Canoe Carriers

Upright Bars & Cradles for Kayaks

Below are our range of carriers for transporting your kayaks and canoes on the roof rack of your vehicle.

40cm upright bars for transporting kayaks on your roof rack
Padded Upright Bars

Padded upright bars for transporting kayak(s) on their side. Available in 40cm height and sold as a pair.

Eckla Foldable HD-Vertical Support 40cm - For T-Slot / T-Track Roof Bars
Eckla Foldable HD-Vertical Supports - 40cm (For T-Slot)

Eckla Heavy Duty Foldable Upright Support for transporting kayaks on edge on a roof rack. Designed for vehicle roof bars that feature a T-Slot or T-Track System. Compatible with Thule WingBars and Thule ProBars.

Kajak Sport KS J-Carriers For Kayaks - Made In Finland
Kajak Sport KS J-Carriers

High quality, safe & secure j-cradle style carriers for transporting kayaks on your car or van roof rack. Premium carriers manufactured in Finland. Compatible with Thule SquareBars, AeroBars (Oval) and Wingbars.

Thule 520-1 kayak stacker
Thule Folding Uprights 520-1

Thule 520-1 Folding Uprights A pair of uprights for carrying one or two kayaks vertically, on their sides for reduced wind resistance when driving.

Thule Hull-a-port Aero 849 kayak carrier
Thule Hull a Port Aero 849

The all new Hull-A-Port AERO from Thule is the ultimate safe and secure cradle for carrying your kayak on a roofrack. Slotting easily into the T-track system on the bars, leaving space for another kayak, slim roofbox or bike rack alongside.

Thule Hull-a-port 835-1 kayak carrier
Thule Hull a Port XTR 848

J-Bar style cradle for carrying kayaks on their side to provide a secure fit. Sturdy restraining straps secure the kayak, and the protection around the metal buckle avoids damage to the kayak. Can be locked in an upright position to carry a 2nd kayak.


Thule Hullavator Pro 898 load assited kayak carrier
Thule Hullavator Pro 898

Thule Hullavator Pro 898 is a lift assisted kayak carrier that handles up to 18kg of your kayaks weight for you and lowers down to waist height.

Thule 819 Portage Canoe Carrier
Thule Portage 819 Canoe Carrier

Versatile padded carrier designed to securly transport Open / Canadian Canoes.

Thule DockGrip
Thule DockGrip 895

Versatile padded carrier that can securly transport kayaks and SUP's.

Thule SUP Taxi
Thule SUP Taxi

The Thule SUP Taxi XT combines security and convenience making it the most popular Stand Up Paddleboard carrier on the market. The telescoping design delivers a custom fit for board widths up to 86 cm (34 inches) wide.

Thule Board Shuttle
Thule Board Shuttle

Securely load and transport one or two Surf or SUP boards on your car, soft padding protects your load and a lockable system keeps it secure.The telescoping design lets you adapt it for a perfect fit for board widths from 70 to 86 cm (28 to 34in).

RUK V Bars
RUK V Bars

Padded V Bars for transporting sea kayaks.