Pelican Canoes & Kayaks

High quality Tough and Lightweight RAM-X Canoes and Kayaks from Pelican

Pelican are one of the world's largest manufacturers of canoes and kayaks. The Pelican range offers a variety of paddle craft that are versatile and easy to paddle, great for both new paddlers and those who are more experienced with a paddle. Pelican kayaks and canoes are constructed from lightweight and tough Ram-X material.

RAM-X is a multi-layer material exclusive to Pelican. It is known for its high impact-resistance, its ability to regain its initial shape after a violent impact and its UV-protected exterior finish. RAM-X has become the benchmark of quality in the industry.

Pelican Canoes

Pelican Canoe 15.5

Pelican 15.5 Canoe

A very popular family canoe made from Pelican's lightweight RAM-X construction. Stable and durable canoe for the whole family.

Pelican Explorer 14.6 Canoe

Pelican Explorer 14.6 DLX Canoe

Featuring comfortable seats with backrests, the Explorer 14.6 is a great choice for laid-back paddling on calm waters. Perfect for a cruise on the lake or river and a great size for two adults and a child or pet.


Pelican Kayaks

Pelican Sprint 100XR Touring Kayaks

Pelican Sprint 100XR

The Pelican Sprint 100XR is a lightweight and stable kayak, desgined for paddlers looking for better performance, combining speed and tracking.


Pelican Sprint 120 Day Touring

Pelican Sprint 120 XR

The Pelican Sprint 120XR is a lightweight longer touring kayak for those looking to advance their paddling. A large cockpit creates a touring kayak that is easy for entering and exiting for paddlers of all abilities.