Wavesport Kayaks

Wavesport Kayaks are premuim quality and built in the UK

Wavesport Kayaks Scooter X

Wave Sport Scooter X

The Wave Sport Scooter X is one of the UK's best selling sit on tops. The Scooter X WhiteOut seat gives good padding and back support plus room for a small child to sit in front of you.

Wavesport Kayaks Scooter XT

Wave Sport Scooter XT

The Wave Sport Scooter XT is a high quality and sleek double Sit On Top kayak for beach, lake and fun paddling, suitable for use by the whole family.

Wavesport Hydra

Wavesport Hydra

The all-new Hydra from Wave Sport is a feature rich sporty tourer. A complex hull shape and rocker profile are game changing and propel the Hydra into an arena of its own.

Wavesport Horizon

Wavesport Horizon

The new Wavesport Horizon twin-cockpit tandem kayak is perfect for either short trips or multi-day expeditions. The long waterline provides excellent directional stability yet the Horizon is still nimble enough for inland adventures.

Wavesport Ethos 10 Crossover Kayak

Wavesport Ethos

One boat that does it all, ride the rapids, surf they wave, tour the river. The new Ethos 10 from Wavesport is the ideal crossover kayak.

Wavesport Project X 48, 56 & 64

Wavesport Project X

The Wavesport Project X is a fun playbaot that has explosive pop, easy releases and smooth, crisp control on any wave.

Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel 80 & 90 kayaks

Wavesport Phoenix

The Wavesport Phoenix is the new Creek Boat from Wavesport.

Paddling the Phoenix down river, you’ll be able to take the hard lines knowing your kayak’s got your back!


Wavesport Diesel 60, 70 & 80

Wavesport Diesel

Point A. Point B. And all the points between. Are you skirting over a jumble of manky rocks to line up for a 15-foot boof? Or maybe you're in the midst of a rapid that reminds you of the Zambezi at flood. Either way, you need a kayak that deals with any situation Mother Earth throws at you.