Islander Kayaks

A range of kayaks made in the UK

Islander Kayaks are available on a 'to-order basis' only and not held in stock in-store. We can usually source these quickly if required - please contact us for pricing and lead times.

Islander Koa Junior Sit On Top Kayak

Islander Koa

The Islander Koa is a playful single sit on top kayak designed specifically for children, juniors and smaller paddlers. Lightweight & Compact, it's great for days at the beach or easy paddling on your local river, lake or canal.

Islander Calypso Sport Kayak

Islander Calypso Sport

The family sit-on-top. Beach, coast or lake – this boat loves it all. Supplied fully outfitted and with plenty of storage, the keeled hull design provides stability and speed ready for adventures.


Islander Touring Kayaks

Islander Fiesta Marine Recyled

Islander Jive

A classic, ideal for exploring inland waterways and calm coastal routes. The smooth rounded hull has a keel and adjustable skeg to help keep you paddling straight. With plenty of storage it’s great for full days on the water.

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Discontinued Islander Kayaks

Islander Hula Sit on top

Islander Hula

The Islander Hula Sit On Top is an ideal kayak for paddlers of any age, its compact size makes it great fun for younger users who find larger craft restrictive. With a flattened hull and tracking channels it is also stable enough for adults wanting to get afloat.

Islander Fiesta Marine Recycled

Islander Fiesta - Marine Recycled

Easy to paddle, fun, stable and comfortable. It’s short so it’s easy to handle on the water and onto the car roof.

Islander Bolero Touring kayak

Islander Bolero

Long and fast enough to cover distance, yet stable and easy to paddle. The rounded hull inspires confidence, and its drop-down skeg will help keep you paddling straight in choppy water. Great go-to tour kayak for inland or coastal adventures.