Valley Avocet Sea Kayak

Valley Kayak - Now Discontinued

An amazingly versatile kayak, popular with paddlers who appreciate it smaller dimensions but also the weapon of choice for those who enjoy tidal races and surf were its predictability and size are also benefits. Ideally suited to small paddlers, the Avocet is compact without compromising performance. Also a playful and fun day boat for the average sized paddler, it was developed from the popular Pintail but improved to provide better tracking and more forgiveness yet retaining it’s original lively handling.

  • LV = Very small paddlers.
  • Standard = Averaged sized small paddlers.

Valley Avocet Sea Kayak

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  • 3 Hatches.
  • Deck Lines.
  • Adjustable Backrest.
  • Skeg.
  • Padded Seat & Hip Pads.



  • Length 485cm.
  • Width 52cm.
  • Weight 23kg.
  • Load Suitability 28-64kg.


  • Length 488cm.
  • Width 56cm.
  • Weight 24kg.
  • Load Suitability 46 - 82kg.

The Valley Avocet has been discontiued Please click here for more Sea Kayaks


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