Touring & Sea Kayaking Spraydecks

Comfortable Spraydecks For Long Paddling Days

Touring & Sea Kayaking Spraydecks for sale from kayaks and paddles shop or by mail order throughout the UK.

You may also consider a nylon spraydeck for recreational paddling on flat water or as a back-up deck when on multi day trips - Click Here For Full Details

Combination Spraydecks

Roanoke Day Tour Combi Spraydeck

Palm Roanoke Spraydeck

The Palm Roanoke Combi-Spraydeck has a neoprene deck and breathable nylon waist tube with velcro fastening. This spraydeck can be used for all kinds of adventure from gentle day touring to big expeditions. Includes reinforced rim, key pocket, elastic deck cords and removable braces!

Palm Loweswater Spraydeck

Palm Loweswater Spraydeck

The Loweswater Combi-Spraydeck features a lightweight, breathable waist tube with drawcord and a seamless neoprene deck. A simple, elegant spraydeck suited to the needs of any touring paddler. Includes removable braces!


Simple Touring Spraydecks

Palm Sport Spraydeck
Palm Sport Spraydeck

A simple shockcord spraydeck‚ the Palm Sport Neoprene Touring spraydeck is easy to get on and off a kayak and comes in a wide range of sizes to work on most kayaks. A great choice for recreational touring on the sea or inland waters.

Palm Coniston Spraydeck

Palm Coniston Spraydeck.

The Palm Coniston is a tough reinforced Nylon Touring Spraydeck with tension adjustable shockcord round the cockpit rim so you can choose to set it to suit your needs. It is ideal as a back-up deck too, just roll it up and push into a small space in a sea kayak so you have a fallback deck should you lose or damage your neoprene one when you are on a camping trip or full on expedition.