Rescue Equipment For Canoeing & Kayaking

Canoeing & Kayaking Rescue Equipment.

Fox 40 Whistle

Fox 40 Whistle

The 'Fox 40' waterproof whistle with non-corrosive brass ring.

  • Used for sport or safety (used by rescue professionals worldwide)
  • Pealess whistle
  • Extremely loud, with no moving parts to freeze or jam

Price: £5.91 (RRP £6.95 - Saving £1.04)

Palm Wire Gate Karabiner

River Karabiner

Big Snapgate River Karabiner. A must in any rescue kit bag.

  • 22kn Closed gate strength
  • Not for Climbing
  • Wire gate

Price: £11.01 (RRP £12.95 - Saving £1.94)

Palm HMS Screw Gate Karabiner

River Karabiner

A large bent gate karabiner with anodized finish for durability. A large karabiner constructed from hardened and anodized aluminium.

  • 13mm anodized aluminium - tested to 2200Kg
  • Wired bent gate- 35mm opening
  • Shaped so rope locates at bottom of karabine

Price: £14.41 (RRP £16.95 - Saving £2.54)

NRS Rescue Pulley

NRS Rescue Pulley

A Swing Sided pulley. Designed for occasional use (pulley systems or hauling). Swinging side plates for quick and easy installation. Aluminium sheave and aluminium side plates give a high strength to weight ratio. Non-corroding pulley.

  • Easier to carry in your life jacket pocket or swiftwater rescue kit than other, heavier pulleys
  • The pulley works great in Z-drag 3-to-1 extraction systems, rated at an amazing 22kN (2243 kgf) load strength
  • High-strength aluminum sides keep it light while a stainless steel axle resists corrosion
  • Also features a durable and smooth-running Delrin® sheave
  • This pulley has the required prusik-minding capability for use in 3-to-1 mechanical advantage systems, making it easier to haul or lower heavy loads

Price: £19.51 (RRP £22.95 - Saving £3.44)

Palm Snake Sling

Palm Snake Sling

The Palm Snake Sling is a versatile piece of safety kit, which will do the job of prussik, towing sling or anchor. Made from strong tubular webbing, its two sewn end loops can be joined via a karabiner to make a continuous loop, or left apart as a 4 m straight sling.

  • 4 m x 25mm open-ended tubular tape
  • Red for visibility
  • 10 kN static breaking strength

Price: £12.71 (RRP £14.95 - Saving £2.24)

Palm Safety Tape

Palm Safety Tape

Ideal for PFD storage, a 5 metre tubular tape for use in rescue situations. Rolls compactly, perfect for storage in a PFD front pocket.

  • 5 m x 25mm open-ended tubular tape
  • Yellow for visibility
  • 10 kN static breaking strength

Price: £12.71 (RRP £14.95 - Saving £2.24)

Floating Rope

Floating Rope

Floating 10mm Polypropylene Rope. Can be used as Painters for canoes or tow lines for rescues.

  • 10mm Polypropylene Rope
  • Perfect for use as 'painters'
  • Painter length is twice the hull length

Price: £1.70 (RRP £2.00 - Saving £0.30)

Accessory Cord Rope

Accessory Cord

Accessory cords from 4mm to 8mm diameter conform to the requirements of the UIAA and EN564. Cord 2mm & 3mm do not!

  • Diameter - 3mm to 8mm
  • Weight per metre & Minimum breaking load
  • 5mm - 19.5g - 580kg
  • 6mm - 23g - 750kg
  • 7mm - 31g - 1050kg
  • 8mm - 40g - 1400kg

From: £0.51 (RRP £0.60 - Saving £0.09)

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