Best Beginner Fishing Kayaks

First Fishing Kayaks & Starter Angling Kayaks

If you are looking for your first fishing kayak, we have a great range of the best beginner models for starting out. These fishing kayaks are perfect for taking your first paddle strokes into the fishing kayak world, offering good stability and some nice features to get you started fishing from your kayak. Fishing kayaks come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit different conditions and provide different paddling experiences. If you are unsure which size fishing kayak you need, see our guide below.

Fishing Kayak Length Size Guide

  • 9-10ft: Great for those who need a compact craft. These models are best suited to fishing on nice weather days in calmer waters.
  • 11-12ft: A good all-round size for kayak fishing inland waters and along the coast in calm-to-moderate conditions.
  • 13ft+: The recommended size for those fishing on open stretches of coast where it can often be choppy with ocean swells and more tidal flow. Longer kayaks are faster allowing you to cover distance and paddle against adverse conditions more easily.
Vibe Yellowfin 100 Kayak

Vibe Yellowfin 100

The Vibe Yellowfin 100 is a compact yet stable sit on top kayak. Great as a general purpose kayak for those wanting a bit more comfort, thanks to its hero seating system. Perfect for general touring and even a spot of kayak fishing!

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak Package Deal

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler

A small and lightweight fishing kayak for calm water use. Well equipped with 5 rod holders and two storage hatches. Great for a spot of fishing on calm days. Lightweight and easy to carry. Best suited to paddlers up to 12st / 80kg.

Vibe Yellowfin 120 Kayak

Vibe Yellowfin 120

A superb fishing kayak for coastal waters and lakes. A great mix of speed and stability with a hull design that copes well with choppy waters. Includes the comfortable Hero 2.0 seat, 10 gear accessory tracks and a rudder system!

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Fishing Kayak With Hero Seat & Rudder

Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Very much a staple with kayak fisherman in the USA, the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is available for the first time in the UK! A stable, all-round fishing kayak that's packed full of features, at a fantastic price!

Supplied With: Vibe Hero Dual Position Seat & Vibe Rudder System

Enigma Kayaks Fishing Pro 12 Sit On Top Kayak Package Deal

Enigma Kayaks Fishing Pro 12

A great fishing kayak for coastal sea fishing and exploring inland waters. Equipped with rudder for better handling performance. Comes complete with Deluxe Backrest.

Enigma Kayaks Fishing Pro 10 Sit On Top Kayak Package Deal

Enigma Kayaks Fishing Pro 10

A lightweight, compact fishing kayak. Offering a greater load capacity and a more efficient hull shape than the Cruise, the Fishing Pro 10 is more suited for general coastal fishing in calm weather and comes equipped with a rudder! Package includes Deluxe Backrest and Alloy Paddle.

Feel Free Moken 10 Lite V2

Feelfree Moken 10 Lite V2

A small and nimble fishing kayak perfect for accessing rivers and smaller lakes or fishing sheltered coastline. Features the EZ Rider Seat, Slide-Lock footrests and equipped with Uni-Track accessory tracks, easy-open bow hatch and the Feelfree Wheel-in-the-Keel.

Feel Free Moken 10 V2

Feelfree Moken 10 V2

The ultimate short fishing sit on top for maximum stability. The Moken 10 V2 has a trimaran hull which provides a super stable platform and good tracking when being paddled. Fitted with a framed mesh seat for excellent comfort all-day long. Suited to calmer waters.

Feel Free Moken 10 V2 PDL

Feelfree Moken 10 V2 PDL

The Moken 10 PDL is a pedal drive version of the Moken 10 V2, it has very similar characteristics and outfitting with the addition of the Rapid Pedal Drive and the Feelfree BeaverTail Rudder system already fitted - you can have both hands free while you are trolling a lure or playing a fish.

Feel Free Moken 12.5

Feelfree Moken 12.5 V2

Packed with excellent features that are sure to make this an ideal kayak for any paddler wanting to go fishing. The Moken 12.5 V2 has amazing stability and has a designated standing area enabling the paddler to cast effortlessly into those fish hot spots.


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