River Running & Surf Kayaks

Kayaks that are suitable for Surf Play or general White Water use.

River running kayaks are not full on creekers or freestyle kayaks, these are the most popular all rounders designed for rivers, surf and playing.

Titan Nymph Half Slice River Running Kayak

Titan Kayaks Nymph

A fast “half-slice” river runner for quick and playful whitewater paddling and downriver play. Easy to roll and get vertical.

Dagger Rewind Kayak UK

Dagger Rewind

Dagger has a reputation of creating boats that not only define an era but stand the test of time; the all-new Rewind is an instant classic and an award-winner. The ultimate downriver play boat for paddlers of all abilities.

Dagger Nova Playful Kayak

Dagger Nova

A playful full slice river runner with ContourErgo outfitting. For those who want to maximise play time on their river run!

Riot Thunder 65 & 76 kayaks

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

A great river kayak, stable and forgiving. The planing hull will surf all day long and makes for a great stable river kayak.

Free air bags with Riot kayaks


Dagger GT Series

A Classic river kayak, stable and forgiving. The planing hull will surf all day long and makes for as fast, dry ride through even the messiest of eddylines.


Dagger Axiom

The Dagger Axiom: Great down river speed, effortless eddy hopping capabilities and smooth, carving wave surfing. A great all round kayak available with various outfittings in 4 sizes

Wavesport Diesel 70 & 80

Wavesport Diesel

Point A. Point B. And all the points between. Are you skirting over a jumble of manky rocks to line up for a 15-foot boof? Or maybe you're in the midst of a rapid that reminds you of the Zambezi at flood. Either way, you need a kayak that deals with any situation Mother Earth throws at you

Jackson Kayaks Antix For Sale

Jackson Antix

Introducing Jackson Kayak's Antix! A new creeking/river running kayak that is fun, easy to paddle, runs the river like a dream but with some groove in the hull design to allow for continual play all the way down.

Jackson Kayaks Mix Master For Sale

Jackson MixMaster

Meet the new playmaster of the river! The MixMaster is the ultimate learning tool for those who just need something easier. If you have pre-existing skills, this is the ultimate mix of wave, hole, flatwater and eddy line fun.

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