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Hobie Adventure Island - 2020 Model - Ivory Dune

Sailing the Adventure Island
Sailing the Hobie Adventure Island
Sailing the Adventure Island on a Lake
Tandem and Adventure Island Sailing on a Lake

Hobie Adventure Island

Trimaran Sail Kayak With Mirage Drive

The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is a 16' Trimaran 'Sailing Kayak' that incorporates the patented Hobie Mirage Drive 180 into a unique sailing machine with outriggers, unlike any other sailing craft on the water. A versatile craft that can be sailed, pedalled and paddled. A great option for day adventures, big expeditions, kayak fishing and general fun on the water.


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Hobie Mirage Adventure Island 2020

Fast, fun and versatile, the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island gives you various options to have fun on the water. A 16 foot hull features two outrigger AMAs on AKA bars that can fold against the hull if needed. Unbolt the akas and amas and you have a super-quick, super-fun kayak - attach the AKAs and AMA side floats, un-furl the sailing rig and you have a stable sailing craft whose seafaring heritage stretches back to the South Pacific. Able to sail in even the lightest winds, the Adventure Island is great fun and can be used by novice sailors with ease. A great vessel to learn the ropes on being forgiving and easy to handle yet it is a very capable ocean going craft for covering great distances for multi-day adventures if required, or just have a play on your local coastline, estuary or lake. Also great for open ocean kayak fishing, capable of trolling lures at a good speed or for accessing offshore fishing marks.

A roller-furling, vertically battened 65 sqft mainsail makes reefing in the sail a snap, and the MirageDrive 180 with Kick Up Turbo Fins provides power when the wind is light or when you're kayaking. The Drive features Kick Up fins which will automatically kick up should they bottom out or hit an object underwater so that you dont have to worry as you use your craft. A drop-down centreboard board prevents lateral slip and the large sailing rudder and rudder assembly provides plenty of helm control in a breeze. The amas easily fold parallel against the hull to simplify negotiating tight spots or docking. All sailing, centreboard and rudder controls can be operated from the seating position so that you can sit back in the super comfortable Vatnage CT seat and sail away into the distance.

Load up and head to the horizon with plenty of storage space for expedition gear. A large bow hatch and two 8in Twist-N-Seal hatches give access to the inside of the hull and the large rear cargo area offers lots of on-deck storage and can carry the Hobie H-Crate if needed. Add the optional Hobie Trampoline Kits to run between the AKA bars to create lots of extra space for an extra passenger and the ability to put your weight out over the AMAs when sailing to better engage the hull in certain conditions.

A very versatile kayak that will offer lots of fun to the user!

Here are the features that make the Adventure Island so special.

  • A boomless, roller-furling sail rig similar to the rig on the Hobie Bravo with plenty of sail area for excellent performance, completely manageable from the cockpit with the pull of a line.
  • Two retractable amas that fold up against the side of the boat, again with the simple pull of a line, for easy docking, manoeuvrability, and transport.
  • The cockpit is the stable platform of the Hobie Mirage Adventure Kayak, offering full versatility as a pedalling kayak when conditions are not convenient for sailing.
  • The Hobie Mirage Drive allows the boat to be pedaled while under sail, or simply pedaled with the sail furled for versatility not found in any other sailboat.
  • The Adventure Island is loaded with additional standard features such as a centre board, oversized sailing rudder, Mast and Sail Cover, and several hatches and pockets for storage.
  • The Adventure Island are offered in two colour packages: Ivory Dune and Red Hibiscus. Both options include beautifully colour coordinated sails

We supply trailers designed especially for transporting the Hobie Kayaks Adventure Island and Tandem Island, to order one of our Hobie trailers and to discuss your requirments please contact us at the shop.

Trailers for Hobie Adventure Island


  • MirageDrive 180 with Kick Up Turbo Fins
  • Vantage CT Seating
  • Patented Roller-Furling 65sqft Sail with Battens
  • Two-Piece 16ft 6in Carbon Composite Mast
  • Sail controls - mainsheet cleat and roller-bearing furling system controlled from seat
  • Lowrance® Ready System:
    • Built-in transducer scupper mount
    • Pre-installed thru-hull cable plugs
  • Two Molded-In Rod Holders
  • Two 8in Twist and Seal Hatches with Gear Bucket
  • Two Rubber Mesh Stowage Pockets
  • Large Cargo area with Bungee tie downs
  • Four Detatchable Akas with Carrying Bag
  • Two Color-Coordinated Amas
  • Two-Piece Paddle with On-Hull Storage
  • Kick-up Centerboard
  • Kick-up Island Rudder


  • Length: 5.05 m | 16ft 7in
  • Width: 0.7 m | 27.5in
  • Height (Akas Off): 0.39 m | 15.5in
  • Height (Akas On): 0.43 m | 17in
  • Beam (Amas Folded In): 1.12 m | 44in
  • Beam (Amas Out): 2.90 m | 9ft 6in
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 47.45 kg | 104.6 lbs
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 64.4 kg | 142 lbs
  • Mast Length: 5.03 m | 16ft 6in
  • Sail Area: 6.04 m² | 65 ft²
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 181.44 kg | 400 lbsOptimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island 2020 for your weight


Hobie Adventure Island Ivory Dune

Ivory Dune

Hobie Adventure Island Hibiscus Red

Hibiscus Red


Popular Hobie Accessories for the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island 2020

Hobie Adventure Island Trampoline Set - Black

Hobie Adventure Island Trampoline Set

Durable AKA trampolines that can be used for carrying extra gear or crew, moving body weight out over the AMAs for better performance in certain conditions, reducing spray in cockpit or for just lounging on in the sun! A popular addition to Adventure and Tandem Islands.

Hobie Hiking Stick

Hobie Hiking Stick

Attaches to the rudder steering handle so that you can extend your reach when sitting or leaning out on the AKA trampolines (if fitted) so that you can still have full rudder control.

Hobie Kayaks Plug In Cart Heavy Duty

Hobie Heavy Duty Plug-In Cart

A strong and durable trolley for use with the Hobie Kayaks. Great for heavily laden fishing kayaks. Suitable for use on firm ground. Max Capacity 225lb.

Hobie Kayaks Plug In Cart - Trax 2

Hobie Trax 2 Plug-In Cart

A trolley for Hobie Kayaks featuring low pressure 'balloon' style wheels for riding over soft sand with ease. Suitable for use on both firm and soft ground. Max Capacity 176lb.

Hobie Kayaks Plug In Cart - Trax 2-30

Hobie Trax 2-30 Plug-In Cart

A trolley for heavy Hobie Kayaks models - featuring large low pressure 'balloon' style wheels for riding over soft sand with ease. Suitable for use on both firm and soft ground. Max Capacity 242lb.

Hobie Kayaks H-Crate

Hobie H-Crate

The ultimate gear storage crate featuring H-Rail handles, grid walls and 4 vertical rod holders with built-in retainers. Very sturdy design that will hold plenty of fishing gear. Easy to customise with H-Rail Accessory Mounts to add your favourite accessories. Includes tie-down straps and clips for attaching to your fishing kayak. Footprint size: 35.9cm x 44.3cm x 33cm.

Hobie Kayaks Rod Leash

Hobie Fishing Rod Leash

Simple and effective bungee fishing rod leash for your fishing kayak. Clip this leash onto your kayak using the integrated brass dog clip and attach the other end to your fishing rod using the bungee attachment on the leash. The rod attachment can be unclipped for easy release from the leash if needed.

Hobie Kayaks Mirage Drive Leash

Hobie Mirage Drive Leash

Secure your Mirage Drive by leashing it to your kayak using this handy kit!

Hobie Kayaks Anchor Trolley for Adventure Island

Hobie Kayaks Anchor Trolley for Adventure Island

An anchor trolley system allows you to position your anchor line or drift chute line off the bow or stern of your kayak. Supplied as a complete kit with full instructions for installation onto your Hobie Mirage Adventure Island 2020.

Hobie Kayaks Drift Chute

Hobie Drift Chute

Large cone shaped parachute deployed in the water slows your drift in windy conditions when anchoring is not possible or desired. Design keeps chute just under the surface and fully inflated. Anchor line not included. (Connect to the Hobie Anchor Trolley System for best results).

Hobie Kayaks Deep Gear Bucket

Hobie Deep Gear Bucket

Handy bucket that fits within the 8in Twist N Seal Hatch. Useful for storing small essentials and fishing tackle. Comes with lid.



Collection from store only. We may be able to offer a bespoke delivery service using one of our company vehicles.

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