Dagger Nomad White Water Kayak

Dagger Nomad - Aquafresh

Dagger Nomad 8.2, 8.6 & 9.0

Big Water Creek Boat

Rock solid relaibility for big whitewater paddling. Plenty of volume for quick re-surfacing ready to take on the worlds biggest falls and drops. Also excellent for lower-grade whitewater for those wanting a stable and confidence providing kayak.

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Dagger Nomad 8.2, 8.6 & 9.0

Over 12 years on from the launch of the first Dagger Nomad, sees the arrival of the new redesigned Nomad and with it the introduction of true small, medium and large sizing. Previously the Nomad has been available 2 sizes the new Nomad line up will be now available in a Small 8.2, Medium 8.6 and the Large 9.0 size. The Nomad 9.0 carries a whopping 96 plus gallons and is a true big guy boat with plenty of room for gear.

The new Dagger Nomad line up continues to deliver on the performance & predictability for which the Nomad has always been renowned. Dagger have done an amazing job of treading the fine in not breaking anything that didn’t need fixing but at the same time refining what they could to create true perfection. The Rocker profile has been tweaked by adding more rocker in the bow to keep the Nomad on the surface over holes and coming off drops. Lowering the stern rocker and flattening out through the tail helps push the boat out from drops and to carry speed away. The volume has also been increased the entire new Nomad range but without any significant increase in width.

The new Dagger Nomad includes Dagger’s contour ergo outfitting system to ensure maximum contact, control & comfort. Other features include s tank style roto-moulded seat for maximum strength, step-out moulded front pillar and as new features for the new Nomad an anchored rear pillar and additional front safety handle.

A great all round whitewater and creeking kayaking for those looking for a very forgiving kayak or for those whitewater warriors running the big & steep stuff.

Features - Creek Spec

  • Rotomoulded tank seat for durability
  • Multiple gear loops with quick clip access
  • Adjustable ratchet backband & thighbraces
  • 3" / 7.5cm of seat adjustment
  • Adjustable quick release hip pads
  • Seat padding with addtional seat booster insert
  • Ratchet Leg-Lifter for increase comfort & contact
  • Storage tray
  • Re-inforced step out wall
  • Handle grip for easier carrying
  • Deck brace for additional strength & structure
  • Auto-Adjusting Bulkhead Footrest
  • Footrest padding for comfort & impact absorbtion
  • Tethered footrest wing nuts
  • Outfitting kit for personalisation


Nomad 8.2 - Small

  • Length 2.49m.
  • Width 0.65m.
  • Weight Range 41-77kg.
  • Volume 276L.
  • Weight 20kg.
  • Cockpit Size: R4 / Keyhole

Nomad 8.6 - Medium

  • Length 2.58m.
  • Width 0.67m.
  • Weight Range 61-95kg.
  • Volume 326L.
  • Weight 22kg.
  • Cockpit Size: R4 / Keyhole

Nomad 9.0 Large

  • Length 2.74m.
  • Width 0.70m.
  • Weight Range 77-120kg.
  • Volume 363L.
  • Weight 23kg.
  • Cockpit Size: R4 / Keyhole


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Accessories that you may need

95cm Kayak Air Bags
Buoyancy Bags - 85cm (Pair)

Kayak Air Bags for split Stern. To give extra buoyancy when/if your kayak fills with water! Sold as a Pair.

Price £33.99

Manic Shock kayak spraydeck
HF Weasel Throwline

15m Micro sized throw bag. The HF Weasel can fit into the smallest kayaks and in those with limited space.

Price £34.99

Palm Safety Tape - 5m
Palm Safety Tape


Ideal for PFD storage, a 5 metre tubular tape for use in rescue situations. Rolls compactly, perfect for storage in a PFD front pocket. 5 m x 25mm open-ended tubular tape, 10 kN static breaking strength.

Price £15.00

Palm Screw Gate Karabiner
Palm Screw Gate Karabiner


A large bent gate karabiner with anodized aluminium finish for durability.

35mm opening.

Price £20.00

Peak Whitewater Spraydeck
Peak Whitewater Spraydeck

A tough spraydeck built to take on the harsh whitewater environment. Constructed from 5mm tough-faced neoprene with silicon printed reinforcement for excellent durability. 11mm shockcord with latex rim coating ensures a tight fit to your kayak cockpit rim so you can take on the hardest of drops and hits with minimal risk of popping the deck.

Palm Impact Spraydeck
Palm Impact Spraydeck

Palm's Impact spraydeck will perform again and again in all conditions. Ideal for the white water paddler, the Palm Impact combines ArmorTex neoprene and reinforced seams to give you a truly tough spraydeck.


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