Playboats & Freestyle Kayaks

These playboats are park n play style kayaks, if you need any advice about the best choice for you please get in touch as we have plenty of hands on experience paddling these kayaks.

Wavesport Project X

Wavesport Project X

The Wavesport Project X is a fun playbaot that has explosive pop, easy releases and smooth, crisp control on any wave.

Wavesport Project X 48, 56 & 64

Wavesport Mobius

Wave Sport's new freestyle machine is short and fast with forgiving qualities that allow beginners to the sport of freestyle to learn and progress quickly, while offering seasoned competitors an experience they too will appreciate.

Wavesport Fuse

Wavesport Fuse 48, 56, 64

The Wavesport Fuse kayak has is a great all round kayak, one boat for all occasions. It has a fast and loose hull and great volume distribution that is not only comfy, but delivers crisp control whether you’re throwing cartwheels, surfing an ocean wave or simply running your favourite stretch of river, and with 4 sizes, there’s a boat for everyone. One boat to do it all in.

Jackson RockStar for sale UK

Jackson RockStar 4.0

The new Rock Star! A narrower, faster, looser, easier to take off hull is the platform that everything is built on. Easy Edge to edge transfers that are reminiscent of the 2010 All-Star/Super Star.

Jackson Karma for sale UK

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