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FeelFree Roamer 1 details

Old Town Saranac 146 XT & Saranac 160 XT

The Saranac features two contoured seats plus a bench seat perfect for smaller passengers. The bench seat also includes a covered storage compartment, while bow and stern seats incorporate a variety of extras including cup holders, rod holders and storage trays designed to add convenience and versatility to the canoe.

£ 612.00


Nomad Sport Sit On Top by Feelfree Kayaks

Old Town Discovery 158 Canoe

The Discovery is one of the most popular open canoes for hire, outdoor centres and families looking for a robust, user friendly canoe. Ideal for lakes, slow moving rivers or estuaries.

£ 783.00
Perception Kayaks Scooter

Old Town Discovery 169 Canoe

With a canoe as good as the Discovery 169, you hate to see the season end. Very responsive, remarkably stable, and as tough as we can make them. Slight rocker for better manoeuvrability.

£ 819.00
Perception Kayaks Triumph 13

Old Town Camper 15 & 16 Canoe

The Camper's on the water stability makes it perfect for touring and camping trips. Being a little wider the camper is stable and less tippy than some canoes. A good open canoe to teach the youngsters how to paddle.

£ 1530.00
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100

Old Town Charles River 158 Polylink Canoe

The traditional lines of this all-purpose canoe understate its high performance hull design with paddler-friendly features. Constructed from Polylink.

£ 990.00
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

Old Town Charles River 163 Royalex Canoe

Constructed from Royalex the Charles River 163 is a lightweight canoe. Its large capacity makes it a great choice for anglers and nature watchers.

£ 1791.00
Ocean Kayak Kea

Old Town Penobscot 164 & 174

The 174 is for family paddling or extended trips where more gear has to be carried. The hull tracks well and the sharper ends allow this open canoe to be paddled with ease. Two seats fitted as standard.

£ 801.00
Hobie Kayaks Outback

Old Town Pack

There's enough versatility packed into the 12-foot, 33-pound Pack to keep it going from dawn to dusk. To be used by experienced canoeist only.

£ 1035.00
Old Town Rogue River 154 SS

Old Town Rogue River 154 SS

The Rogue River 154 SS delivers versatility and affordability in one smartly designed canoe. It sports a square stern hull giving you the option to mount a motor when you need to

Call For Price & Availabilty
Hobie Kayaks Revolution

Venture Canoes Prospector 15 & 16

Probably the most famous of canoe designs, which has never been bettered for all-round performance.

£ 746.10
Hobie Kayaks Revolution

Venture Canoes Ranger 14 & 16

Affordable, durable and incredibly versatile. The Ranger 14 is a great family open canoe.

£ 701.10
Hobie Kayaks Revolution

Mad River Canoes Explorer 14TT & 16TT

The Explorer tracks well, cruises on flat water and is seaworthy enough to handle chop, wind & waves with confidence.

£ 719.96

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