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Single Layer Thermoformed Polyethylene Canoes

These canoes have a simple, single layer plastic hull that makes them lighter and cheaper. Ideal for starting out on the water.

Pelican Canoe 15.5

Pelican Canoes 15.5

The Pelican 15.5 is a great canoe for families thanks to its stability, durability and its great price.


Tripple Layer Thermoformed Polyethylene Canoes

Triple layer Polyethylene canoes are much stronger and tougher than single layer canoes such as the Pelican. The centre layer is foam which gives these canoes a little more inherent buoyancy - useful if you capsise. These canoes are also stiffer, making them faster (easier to paddle) and more manoeuvrable.

Hou Canoes 13

Hou 13

The smallest and most fun canoe in the Hou range. The Hou 13 has been designed to carry small loads while being light and easy to portage.

Hou Canoes 14

Hou 14

Step up from the Hou 13 with a higher load capacity and faster straight line speed, the Hou 14 is a great all-round canoe.

Hou Canoes 15

Nova Craft Prospector 15 SP3

A flat water touring boat without the extra volume, with its shallow curved hull the Nova Craft Prospector 15 gives great initial stability for both the new and experienced paddler.

Hou Canoes 15

Hou 15

The Hou 15 has been designed with a modern canoe style offering efficient paddling and load carrying. The Hou 15 will carry everything you need for a weekend away paddling.

Nova Craft Prospector 16 SP3

Nova Craft prospector 16 SP3

The Nova Craft Prospector 16 based on the original Chestnut Prospector, a true workhorse of the Canadian North. Constructed from the rugged and durable SP3.

Hobie Kayaks Revolution

Mad River Canoes Explorer 14TT & 16TT

The Explorer tracks well, cruises on flat water and is seaworthy enough to handle chop, wind & waves with confidence.

Hou Canoes 16

Hou 16

With a large load capacity and efficient paddling the Hou 16 It's all you need for a good trip! Be that a day out with the family or a multi day adventure.

Nova Craft Prospector 17 SP3

Nova Craft prospector 17 SP3

The Nova Craft Prospector 17, the ultimate wilderness adventure or extended tripping canoe made from the rugged and durable SP3.

Hou Canoes 17

Hou 17

The largest canoe in the Hou range, the Hou 17 is a fantastic expedition canoe that paddles well under load.


Lightweight Canoes

Canoes which are strong but made from composite materials such as TuffStuff and Royalex to give a lightweight craft which handles well.

Nova Craft Trapper 12 TuffStuff

Nova Craft Trapper 12 TuffStuff

The Nova Craft Trapper 12, a lightweight solo canoe for the modern canoeist built to a traditional design.

Nova Craft Bob Special TuffStuff

Nova Craft Bob Special TuffStuff

The Nova Craft Bob Special is an improved version Chestnut Canoe Company original, a lightweight 15ft canoe well suited to solo tripping and casual tandem paddling.

Nova Craft Prospector 16 TuffStuff

Nova Craft prospector 16 TuffStuff

The Nova Craft Prospector 16 based on the original Chestnut Prospector, a true workhorse of the Canadian North. Made from the lightweight but strong TuffStuff.

Nova Craft PAL TuffStuff

Nova Craft PAL TuffStuff

The Nova Craft Pal 16, another Chestnut Canoe classic. A true general purpose craft built from lightweight yet rugged TuffStuff.

Wenonah Prospector 15

Wenonah Prospector 15 Royalex

A highly manoeuvrable and lightweight canoe for solo and tandem river paddling.

Wenonah Prospector 16

Wenonah Prospector 16 Royalex

The Wenonah Prospector 16 has a proven down river hull design which is stable whether paddling solo or tandem. The ample rocker makes it quick to turn.


If you are looking for a canoe that's not listed, please follow the manufacturer links below
Nova Craft Canoes | Old Town Canoes | Mad River Canoes | Pelican Canoes | Hou Canoes | Wenonah Canoes

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