Canoeing & Kayaking Spraydecks

Ranges of popular kayak spraydecks in neoprene or nylon for sale from our canoe shop or by mail order throughout the UK.
Nylon / Introductory Spradecks

Recreational Spraydecks.

Suitable for the first timer or Recreational canoeist. They have adjustable Waist and Cockpit for a custom fit. Suitable for Kayakers who just paddle on flat water (sheltered bays, estuaries or lakes). This nylon spraydeck is Easy to put on and take off!

Recreational Nylon Spraydecks

Touring & Sea Kayaking Spraydecks

Touring & Sea Kayaking Spraydecks.

These spraydecks have a very stretchy neoprene deck with a forgiving Elasticated cord. A breathable fabric adjustable waist tube with removable braces. Recommended use on kayaks like the Dagger Blackwater 10.5, Dagger Charleston or Perception Expression. It takes a little more effort to put this spraydeck on and take off than it does the Nylon spraydecks.

Touring & Sea Kayaking Spraydecks

White Water & General Purpose Spraydecks

White Water & General Purpose Spraydecks.

Tough Neoprene spraydecks for white water, surfing & general kayaking use. Some spraydecks have Latex on the underside, which helps the deck stick to the cockpit rim and some have Kevlar on top for extra protection.

White Water and Surf Kayaking Spraydecks

Travel Cockpit Covers

Travel Cockpit Covers.

Travel cockpit covers in neoprene or nylon ideal for when storing your kayak or when travelling long distances. They stop rain, insects & small animals from getting in side you kayak!!

Travel Cockpit Covers

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