Canoeing & Kayaking Clothing

Wearing the correct clothing when canoeing & kayaking will make a huge difference to your enjoyment on the water. The clothing that you wear should be suitable for the type of paddling you are doing and the weather conditions. Paddling in the colder winter months is just as enjoyable as the summer providing you wear the appropriate clothing. If you are unsure of what you need, please contact us.

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Women's Apparel

Women's Apparel.

Performance designed apparel for Women.

  • Buoyancy Aids.
  • Cagoules.
  • Drysuits
  • Dry Trousers.

Women's Apparel

Canoeing Cagoules

Canoeing Cagoules.

Cags (short for cagoules) are specifically designed for use when canoeing / kayaking. Cags are also designed for a specific uses.

  • White Water
  • Sea
  • Touring
  • Sit on tops

Canoeing Cagoules

Buoyancy Aids for Kayaking

Buoyancy Aids.

Buoyancy Aids for Sit On Top, Touring, Sea or White Water kayaking.

  • Yak Kallista
  • Palm FX
  • Palm Hydro Adventure
  • Palm Amp
  • Yak Xipe

Buoyancy Aids / PFD's

Canoeing Trousers

Canoeing Trousers.

We supply a range of canoeing trousers to suit all needs. Are your looking for a basic over trousers or a full dry trousers?

  • Palm Ion Bib Trouser
  • Palm Neon Pants
  • Yak Assault Dry Trouser
  • Palm Traverse Bib

Canoeing Trousers

Kayaking Spraydecks


A range of spraydecks to fit most kayaks in the uk from Palm, Yak & Playboater.

  • Palm Ullswater Nylon deck
  • Palm Coniston nylon deck
  • Yak Steel neoprene spraydeck
  • Yak Bolt neoprene spraydeck
  • Palm Loweswater combination spraydeck
  • Palm Classic whitewater spraydeck.

Kayaking Spraydecks

Yak & Palm Drysuits

Surface Immersion Dry Suits.

We stock and sell the most popular Immersion Dry Suits designed for paddling from the leading manufacturers including Typhoon, Yak & Palm Equipment.

  • Typhoon Multisport 4
  • Typhoon PS220 Xtreme
  • Palm Torrent
  • Palm Spark
  • Palm Element
  • Yak Titan

Kayaking Drysuits

Neoprene & Fabric Shorts

Canoeing Shorts.

Fabric Shorts with a Neoprene Lining & Neoprene Shorts.

  • Yak Board Short
  • Palm Board Short
  • Palm Wetsuit Shorts
  • 3/4 and full length Shorts

Kayaking Shorts



A range of neoprene wetsuits for Men, Women & Children.

  • Longjohns
  • Shortjohns
  • Full Suits.

Kayaking Wetsuits

Thermal UK

Thermal Clothing.

A Range of Base & Mid layer thermal tops & Bottoms for women & men.

  • IR Thick Skin Tops
  • IR Thick Skin Pants
  • Nookie & Peak Thermal Rash Vest

Thermal Clothing

Canoeing Helmets


Whether your playing in the surf with a sit on top or white water paddling a Helmet is always recommended.

  • Protec Water
  • Palm AP4000
  • Yak Kontour
  • Sweet Rocker FC
  • Shred Ready Standard Half Cut

Kayaking Helmets

Gloves & Mitts

Gloves & Mitts.

Hands always gets cold..... We have a range of Gloves & Mitts designed for kayaking to keep them warm.

  • Palm Throttle Gloves
  • Yak Open Palm Mitts
  • Palm Descent Pogies

Canoeing Gloves & Mitts



Footwear for the novice to experienced.

  • Palm Rock
  • Crewsaver Zircon
  • Five Ten Canyoneer

Kayaking Footwear

Skull Caps

Neoprene Skull Caps.

Designed to be worn under your helmet in the winter months.

  • Yak Skull Cap
  • Palm Skull Cap

Canoeing Headwear

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