Storing Your Kayak, Canoe or Paddle Board

Storage Equipment For Sit On Tops, Kayaks, Canoes, SUPs And More!

Kayaks & Paddles stock a wide range of the most popular solutions for storing your kayak, canoe or sup board. Whether you're looking to store a sit on top kayak, sea kayak, open canoe, paddleboard, hobie kayak, we'll have a solution to match your requirements.

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Wall Mounted Storage Racks For Kayaks

Wall-mounted options for storing your kayak off the ground, against a wall or solid surface. Great for storing your kayaks in your garage, shed, or garden.

Riot Kayak Wall Rack

Riot Kayak Wall Storage Rack With Paddle Holder For Sale

Simple, wall mounted kayak storage rack, perfect for your kayak or sit on top. Rack can be folded flat when not in use to save space. Built-In Paddle Holder also included!


Riot Folding Wall Rack

Riot Kayaks Folding Wall Storage Rack For Sale

Clean, easy to use wall storage racks to store your kayak off the ground. Each cradle can be conveniently folded away to save space when not in use.


RUK Kestrel 2 Kayak Rack

RUK Kestrel 2 Kayak Folding Wall Storage Racks For Sale

Well-designed Folding Wall Storage Rack that can store up to 2 kayaks. One in the cradles, and the other suspended below by supplied strops.


Railblaza StarPort Wall Sling

Railblaza StarPort Wall Storage Slings For Sale

Free up space in your garage, shed or garden. The Railblaza StarPort Wall Sling offers storage of a wide range of watercraft including kayaks, canoes, SUPs, Surf Boards, Windsurf Boards, and more!


Free Standing Cradles & Trestles

Store a wide range of watercraft off the ground, using a set of free standing cradles, stands, or trestles. Great for storing kayaks, canoes, paddle-boards, surf-boards, windsurfing boards, and more!

Riot Kayak Trestles

Riot Beluga Boat Trestles For Sale

Pair of padded trestles/stands, perfect for supporting a kayak, canoe, or paddle board during storage. Compact folding design, including hull support straps.


RUK Tall Kayak Trestles

RUK Tall Kayak Trestles - Kayak Stands For Sale

Pair of tall, lightweight, padded trestles/stands with nylon webbing hull support straps. Support your kayak during storage. Suited to narrower sea kayaks, touring kayaks, sit on tops, and K1's.