Dry Cags & Semi Dry Cags for WW Kayaking

These cags are specifically made for any surf and whitewater paddler.
There are single and double waist options with reinforced areas to provide added protection.
Designed to be semi dry or dry, these cags can withstand the elements with their latex/neoprene seals and altogether hard wearing material.
Popular Range of Kayaking and Canoeing Dry Cags for sale from our canoe shop or by mail order throughout the UK.

Dry Cags

Peak Deluxe 4L Evo

Peak Deluxe 4L Evo

A heavy duty cag designed for white water kayaking made from recycled materil.

  • Waterproof & Breathable recycled 4-Layer fabric.
  • Latex wrist and neck seals with outter and cuffs.
  • Articulated cut with bent elbows.
  • Latex inner neck with supersoft Bioprene cone outer sea.
NRS Flux Drytop

NRS Flux

The NRS Flux Drytop's innovative waterproof-breathable Eclipse™ fabric and action-cut design gives kayakers the ultimate combination of dryness, durability and comfort.

  • Waterproof & Breathable 4-Layer fabric.
  • Latex wrist and neck seals with outter and cuffs.
  • Waterproof-breathable HyproTex™ inner skirt.
  • 13 cm double-pull outer waist.
Palm Equipment Atom Cagoule

Palm Atom

The Palm Atom featuring industry leading technology, the Atom is our most technically advanced whitewater jacket. A high performance 3-layer Men’s expedition jacket guaranteed to perform in the harshest environments.

  • High performance 3-Layer fabric
  • Latex wrist and neck seals with velcro adjustable outter and cuffs
  • Super articulated cut with pre-bent sleeves and no underarm seams
  • Contoured inner waist with sticky elastic edging
Peak UK Deluxe 2L Dry Top

Peak UK Deluxe 2.5L Evo

A cag designed for white water kayaking, featuring a double neck seal, wrist seals and a waist seal.

  • Articulated cut with bent elbows
  • Fully taped seams
  • Breathable and durable X2 mid-heavy weight recycled nylon
  • Reinforced heavy weight X2 shoulders and elbows
  • Latex inner neck with supersoft neo cone outer seal
  • Latex inner wrists with Aquaout outer seals
Palm Equipment Surge Cagoule
Palm Surge

The Palm Surge sets the standard for a hard working dry jacket suitable for a huge range of paddlers and conditions. Midweight XP 2.5-layer fabric and natural latex gaskets create a versatile jacket which will perform wherever you use it.

  • Latex neck with velcro adjustable outter
  • Latex wrists with velcro cuffs
  • Midweight XP 2.5 Layer fabric
  • Velcro adjustable waist band
Palm Equipment Velocity Cag
Palm Velocity

The Palm Velocity whitewater cag is a entry level whitewater jacket suited for beginner to advanced paddlers.

  • Latex neck with velcro adjustable outter
  • Latex wrists with velcro cuffs
  • XP 2.0 Layer fabric
  • Velcro adjustable waist band

Semi Dry Cags

Palm Equipment Zenith

Palm Zenith Long Sleeve

Mid-weight white water cagoule, perfect for all-round use for surfing, playboating or laps of your local run.

  • Neoprene neck and arm gaskets
  • 4D cut
  • Xp 2.5 layer fabric
  • Long sleeve
Peak Semi Long

Peak Semi Long Evo

The ideal intermediate whitewater and touring jacket, constructed using X2.5 recycled ripstop nylon fabric. Double wrists and waist give a great seal whilst the neo cone neck offers a great alternative to latex.

  • Breathable and durable lightweight X2.5 ripstop nylon with 10m waterproofing
  • Really soft superstretch neoprene cone neck
  • Fully adjustable neoprene waistband and lightweight inner skirt
NRS Stratos

NRS Stratos

With its easy-to-wear GlideSkin™ neoprene neck gasket and lightweight, breathable 4 layer Eclipse waterproof fabric, the NRS Stampede jacket gives you the perfect balance between comfort and protection in a paddling top.

  • Punch-through neoprene GlideSkin™ neck seal.
  • Latex wrist gaskets seals with volcano-style neoprene covers.
  • HyproTex™ 2.5 waterproof & breathable fabric
Palm Vertigo Semi Dry Cag For Sale From Kayak and Paddles

Palm Vertigo

An approach level semi dry paddle top that looks as if it should be at the top level. Using the NEW XP 2 layer fabric ensures a waterproof and breathable top.

  • Comfortable neoprene gasket at neck, latex gaskets at wrists with adjustable over-cuffs
  • Velcro adjustable neoprene waistband with drawcord adjustable inner waist

Women's Cags

palm zenith womens cagoule

Palm Zenith Womens

All-round women's white water cagoule with a female specific 4D cut which offers a better range of movement and comfort for the female paddler.

  • Twin waist.
  • Female specific 4D cut
  • Xp 2.5 layer fabric

Short Sleeve Cags

Palm Mistral Shorty

Palm Mistral Short Sleeve

Short sleeve paddling cag suitable for kayaking and canoeing in the summer.

  • XP 2.5-layer fabric
  • YKK AquaGuard zipped chest pocket
  • Drawcord adjustable neoprene hem
Nrs Stratos Short Sleeve

NRS Stratos Shorty Cag

Short sleeve paddling cag suitable for kayaking and canoeing in the summer.

  • Lightweight Hyprotex™ 2.5 fabric
  • Neoprene GlideSkin™ neck and arm seals 
  • Paddler's cut enhances athletic performance
Palm Equipment Zenith

Palm Zenith

Delivering unbeatable performance, comfort and manoeuvrability. Designed for spring and summer days on the water where a long sleeve is unnecessary, but conditions require a garment that will keep you drier than a splash jacket.

  • Flexible UltraStretch neoprene neck and arm gaskets
  • Articulated cut with shaped shoulders
  • No underarm seams