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pyranha burn mk3 2014

Pyranha Burn III

This is the latest in Pyranha’s long line of cutting edge river runners. Paddlers have come to rely on the Burn’s combination of playful hull, precise edges and forgiving deck profile for everything from the beginnings of whitewater to Grade 5 creeks.

£ 829.00
pyranha burn mk3 2014

Pyranha B Two

The old Pyranha Burn has a new name, the Pyranha B2. It has not only changed name but also a brand new outfitting.

£ 549.00
Pyranha Kayaks Jed

Pyranha Jed

The Jed is a modern freestyle boat which is designed to excel in hles and on big waves. Its loose and fast hull means that is easy to initiate basic moves, so intermediate paddlers will find it great for getting into playboating, whilst experienced paddlers will love how it performs on bigger features
£ 549.00
Pyranha Karnali

Pyranha Karnali

The Pyranha Karnali is a river running design with adjustable outfitting, comfort and safety innovations coupled with a stable, predictable and confidence inspiring hull design.

£ 549.00
Pyranha Zone

Pyranha Z One

The Pyranha Z-One modern design features give a versatile river play kayak for the advancing intermediate and a classic all round performer for the more accomplished paddler who is looking for a more forgiving cutting edge kayak.
£ 424.00
Pyranha Shiva

Pyranha Shiva

The Shiva joins the proven Burn design to give Pyranha the strongest lineup of creek boats on the market. An all-out creeker with a soft edge, the Shiva gives paddlers maximum confidence to push their limits.

£ 829.00
Pyranha Loki

Pyranha Loki

The Pyranha Loki, with DNA flowing from Molan and Varun, the volume has been taken out of the deck, and the ends lengthened creating a long and slicey playboat boat.

£ 791.10
Pyranha Kayaks Fusion

Pyranha Fusion

Whether your looking to do a bit of moving water or touring up an estuary. The Pyranha Fusion is the best option to look at.
£ 584.10
Pyranha Kayaks Nano

Pyranha Nano

The Nano is a short river running boat with a playful nature, it has influences from Shiva, Jed and Burn make for a super manoeuvrable, compact boat with creek potential, it has the ability to run harder lines as well as open up play spots on your favourite river. 

£ 809.00
Pyranha Kayaks Rebel

Pyranha Rebel - Childrens Kayak

The Rebel will have kids out there looking like their paddling heroes whilst pulling new moves and impressing their friends. The lightweight, responsive hull and adjustable outfitting make this kayak ready for river adventures and provide top end performance like legendary WW kayaks such as the Burn.
£ 359.10
Pyranha Kayaks Master TG & TG Lite

Pyranha Master TG & TG Lite

A boat for the 21st century paddler: the Master TG's been designed from first principles to help you progress. It's short, light, easy to turn and easy to paddle. 
£ 386.10

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