VE Aircore Creeker Paddles Glass and Carbon Shaft

VE Aircore Creeker

VE Aircore Creeker

Creek & All-Round Whitewater Kayak Paddle With Mid Sized Glass Blades

The smooth and well balanced paddle is ideal for long days afloat on a wide range of moving waters

Carbon Straight Shaft One Piece:

Carbon Cranked Shaft One Piece:

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VE Aircore Creeker

VE Aircore Creeker Whitewater paddles have Carbon Aircore Blades which are available on either Carbon Straight or Carbon Cranked Shafts. The blade is made from 100% carbon fibre which is pre-impregnated with toughened epoxy resin making it extremely strong, robust and hard-wearing.

The VE Aircore Creeker whitewater paddles have mid-sized blades that taper towards the neck to provide a gradual transfer of power through the stroke. This has created a smooth and well balanced paddle suitable for a wide range of paddlers and river conditions. The Carbon Aircore Blades are stronger and more buoyant than the glass build. The rigidity of the blade adds noticable power and precision compared to the Creeker Glass blades.

The area of the blade is arranged to achieve a neutral balance either side of the dihedral and along the length of the blade. The predictable and well-balanced feel of this blade is suitable for paddlers from those new to white water to the very experienced.

The VE Aircore Creeker paddle has been designed to suit river runners, hardcore creek boaters and paddlesports industry workers such as coaches and guides. It is available in a range of shaft types including straight or cranked shafts.

Choosing a shaft: Glass shafts have a barely perceptible flex however are slightly heavier than the carbon shaft. If your looking for a stiffer and lighter shaft the carbon models would be a better choice. Cranked shafts provide an ergonomic moulded grip which is angled for neutral wrist alignment and neutral blade offset to put less strain on paddler's wrists. If you are looking for a larger more powerful blade then check out our VE Aircore Pro Paddles.


  • Mid Sized Glass Blade tapering towards the neck
  • 0, 30, 45 degree custom feather available
  • Split Shaft Paddles with 360 degree feather and 10 cm adjustable length available - Ask Us!
  • Neutrally aligned blade area for predictable performance
  • Ideal for long days afloat
  • Suits a wide range of paddlers beginner to very experienced


  • Shaft Diameter: Ø 30.6 mm
  • Straight Glass Shaft Weight: 851g (197 cms)
  • Straight Carbon Shaft Weight: 830g (197 cms)
  • Cranked Carbon Shaft Weight: 918g (197 cms)
  • Blade Surface Area: 700 cm²
  • Blade Length x Width: 485 mm x 200 mm

VE Aircore Pro Carbon or Glass Straight Shaft

  • More traditional feel and less expensive
  • Continuous length allows for easy hand movement
  • Balanced for precise control and comfort
  • Lighter than the cranked shaft build

VE Aircore Pro Carbon Cranked Shaft

  • Cranked shafts naturally align wrists to reduce fatigue
  • More hand to shaft contact for increased control
  • Immediate comfort and reduced grip stress
  • Balanced for precise control and comfort
  • High level of blade orientation awareness

Two-Piece Straight Shaft Option

The Straight Shaft models are also available in a two-piece version fitted with a strong adjustable joint. This provides up to 10 cm of length adjustment and 360 degree feather adjustment. The low profile locking lever is quick to deploy enabling you to tailor the paddle set-up on the go in just a few seconds.

Two piece paddles are ideal for fitting in a car boot and will also fit in the rear of larger volume kayaks for use as an emergency paddle.

ve ferule detail

VE Aircore Pro Two-Piece Ferule.


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