Kids Kayak & Canoes Paddles

Paddles for Children & Small Paddlers

Small sized paddles for use by small paddlers, children and kids. These down-sized paddles feature smaller blades and narrower shafts making it easier for young paddlers to use and paddle their kayak or canoe.

Kayak Paddles for Children

Beluga Junior Kayak Paddle

Beluga Junior Adjustable Kayak Paddle

A 2-Part split Junior Kayak Paddle.Adjustable from 175cm to 185cm..


Streamlyte Kidzstix

Streamlyte Kidzstix Junior Kayak Paddle

A brilliant junior kayak paddle with a smaller shaft and blade size to make it more children friendly.


Canoe Paddles for Children

Grey Owl Owlet Kids Canoe Paddle

Children's Canoe Paddle

A wooden childrens canoe paddle.