Recreational Kayak Paddles

Entry-Level Paddles for Sit On Tops and Touring Kayaks

Looking for your first kayak paddle? We sell a great range of entry-level paddles for those who want a good quality paddle for general use without spending big! We reccommend paddle options from basic alloy shaft to mid-range fibreglass shaft designs for those wanting a good paddle for all-round use in kayaks and inflatables.

Feelfree Day Tourer Alloy Paddle

Feelfree Day Tourer Alloy Shaft Kayak Paddle

Asymmetrical polypropylene plastic blade construction on an Alloy shaft. A good Recreational & Touring paddle and a great first paddle.


Feelfree Day Tourer Glass Paddle

Feelfree Day Tourer Fibreglass Shaft Kayak Paddle

Featuring polypropylene plastic blades with a fibreglass shaft that offers less weight and a warmer feel than alloy. Great for those wanting to paddle more regularly.


Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Foundation Paddle

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Foundation

Efficient downswept blades for smooth paddle strokes with good power and acceleration. Fibreglass shaft. A good choice for those wanting to step away from the more basic paddles and gain some extra performance.


Boreal Designs Tour Paddle

Boreal Designs Tour Carbon Paddle

Lightweight and fully adjustable paddle length and feather from 225cm to 235cm.


Beluga Junior Kayak Paddle

Beluga Junior Adjustable Kayak Paddle

A 2-Part split Junior Kayak Paddle.Adjustable from 175cm to 185cm..