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St turbo fins for Hobie mirage drive kayaks
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Hobie ST Turbo Fin Kit

V1 Kit: £144.95

V2 Kit: £149.95

The ST Turbo Fins are a great upgrade for your Hobie. These fins are larger and features a more efficient design to improve your performance.


Buy fitting these fins you can increase your speed by up to 10% and achieve a slower cadence (Less pedals per mile).


The fins supplied as standard on Hobie kayaks provide the easiest pedalling but some users who use their Hobie fro fitness feel that they do not provide enough resistance. The ST fins (square tip) require more effort to pedal (similar to peddling a bike up a slight incline) and also feature an adjustable tension screw to achieve lower end torque or top end speed depending on the users preference.


The ST Fins fit any Hobie Mirage Drive kayak, though V2 fins are made for models from 2008 onwards.
The Fin Kits come complete with 2 fins, 2 masts and fittings.

ST Fins for Hobie Kayaks

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Hobie ST Fin Kit


Three different types of fins are available for the Hobie Mirage Drive. Like the gears on a bicycle, each mirage drive fin offers a different speed and resistance variation. The ST Fins are ideal for those who need a bit more speed, but do not want to increase the overall draft of the standard fin. The Square Top design of the ST Fin increases the fin surface area, whilst maintaining the standard mast length.


Compatible with both V1 and V2 Drive Systems using the existing masts.

Large rudder blae for Hobie Kayaks

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Hobie Large Rudder Blade


Over-sized sailing rudder blade for the Mirage series kayaks for a more responsive rudder control. Replaces smaller rudder blade on the Mirage Twist and Stow rudder system

Rudder pins for Hobie mirage drive

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Rudder Pin A: For Tandem Island / Adventure island (

Rudder pin B: For Pre 2011 models

Rudder Pin C: For 2011+ CENTERLINE STYLE models

Hobie Rudder Pins



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