Hobie Mirage Drive & Rudder Parts

Hobie ST Turbo Fin Kit

St turbo fins for Hobie mirage drive kayaks

Larger fins to improve your performance. Increase your speed by up to 10% and achieve a slower cadence (Less pedals per mile). Include an adjustable fin tensioner to change fin tension and resistance through the water. The Fin Kits come complete with 2 fins, 2 masts and fittings. Kits available for V1 and V2/GT mirage drives.

V1 Kit: £155.95

V2 Kit: £166.95

Hobie ST Fin

ST Fins for Hobie Kayaks

Replacement ST fins for V2 and GT drives. Sold Individually.

Price: £39.95

Hobie Large Rudder Blade

Large rudder blae for Hobie Kayaks

Over-sized sailing rudder blade for the Mirage series kayaks for a more responsive rudder control. Replaces smaller rudder blade on the Mirage Twist and Stow rudder system.

Price: £43.95

Hobie Rudder Pins

Rudder pins for Hobie mirage drive

Pin A: For Tandem Island / Adventure Island

Pin B: For Pre 2011 models

Pin C: For 2011+ CENTERLINE STYLE models

Price: £7.95