Hobie Mirage Drive & Rudder Parts

Hobie Kayak Spares

Hobie ST Turbo Fin Kit

St turbo fins for Hobie mirage drive kayaks

Larger fins to improve your performance. Increase your speed by up to 10% and achieve a slower cadence (Less pedals per mile). Include an adjustable fin tensioner to change fin tension and resistance through the water. The Fin Kits come complete with 2 fins, 2 masts and fittings. Kits available for V1 and V2/GT mirage drives.

V1 Kit: £224.95

V2 Kit: £232.95

Hobie Rudder Pins

Rudder pins for Hobie mirage drive

Pin A: For Tandem Island / Adventure Island

Pin B: For Pre 2011 models

Pin C: For 2011+ CENTERLINE STYLE models

Price: £11.66 (RRP £12.95 - Saving £1.29)

Hobie Large Rudder Blade

Large rudder blae for Hobie Kayaks

Over-sized sailing rudder blade for the Mirage series kayaks for a more responsive rudder control. Replaces smaller rudder blade on the Mirage Twist and Stow rudder system.

Price: £53.06 (RRP £58.95 - Saving £5.89)