Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 Solo Ultra Lightweight Kevlar Fusion With Carbon Kevlar Trim - Pack Boat Canoe

Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 - Carbon Innegra

Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 - Kevlar Fusion

Ultra Lightweight Laminate Pack Boat

Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 a canoe hull with a kayak seat designed for kayak style paddling. Constructed from Swift's ultra lightweight Kevlar Fusion laminate material.

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Swift Canoes Pack 12.6

The Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 is a well loved and extremely popular pack boat, pack boats are designed with a kayak style seat with a backrest in the base of the boat and footrests to allow these style of canoes/boats to be paddled with a kayak paddle. The Pack 12.6 is a little deeper in the side giving more of a canoe like feel, the width is wider than some pack boats allowing for more space in front of your paddling position. Swift have given the Pack 12.6 a good amount of tumble home moving the widest point of the boat a little higher up the boat giving a better feeling of stability, the tumble home allows for a much more efficient paddle stroke and makes it easy to get the paddle to the water with less of a feel of having to reach over the side of the boat. The straight keel of this boat enables it to have an efficient tracking style while the slight bow rocker give manoeuvrability when needed. For a small to average size paddler looking for a day or recreational paddling boat the Pack 12.6 offer plenty of performance as well as comfort.

Swift have really developed their outfitting to make it one of the most comfortable Pack boats out there. The seat base is shaped to fit a wide variety of posteriors the seat pad used is a medical grade foam which offers great comfort and air flow. A back rest that is designed to flex left and right slightly in order to move with your torsos paddle rotation as well as offering back support make these boats a pleasure to paddle. Adjustment to allow recline angle adjustment and adjustable lumbar support finishes this Pack boat seating system in max comfort.

The Pack 12.6 like all UK spec'd Swift Canoes is constructed of Swift Canoes most popular laminate material Kevlar Fusion which offers their best strength to weight ratio while making the Pack 12.6 naturally ultra lightweight at only 10.8kgs. A urethane resin system which has been designed for top durability as well as longevity, with a thin exterior gel coat layer makes up the basis of Kevlar Fusion. An exterior layer of polyester with S-Glass and kevlar cloth layering sandwiching the foam core ribbed system finishes off the Kevlar Fusions laminate. This laminate fused with high impact, flexible urethane acrylate resin system, which is then injected during a high pressure infusion process produces the optimal dispersion and laminate consistency.

UK Spec'd Swift Canoes & Pack Boats come as standard with the Carbon Kevlar trim which helps keep with weight down. This trim not only looks fantastic but when coupled with the superbly comfortable pack boat seating system as well as Cherry Wood Thwarts & carry handles it is a key factor in keeping these canoes ultra lightweight. Swift Canoes bond the trim and hull of the Pack 12.6 by using their unique manufacture process to infuse the hull and foam filled gunwales as one part. This really does make for an ultra lightweight, strong & maintenance free solo canoe style Pack Boat.

Video overview of the Swift Canoes Pack Boat range, by Swift Canoe President Bill Swift.


  • Lightweight Kevlar Fusion Laminate Construction
  • Cherry Wood Contour Thwarts
  • Adjustable Seating System
  • Built-in Bow & Stern Buoyancy Tanks
  • Carbon Kevlar Trim
  • Cherry Wood Carry Handles
  • Adjustable Footrest


  • Length: 12ft6
  • Max Width: 28in
  • Centre Depth: 11in
  • Stern Rocker: 1in
  • Bow Rocker: 2in
  • Kevlar Fusion w/ Carbon Kevlar Trim: 10.8kgs
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 54 - 117kgOptimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 for your weight


Swift Canoes Ultra Lightweight Kevlar Fusion Emerald


Swift Canoes Lightweight Kevlar Fusion Open Canoes Ruby


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