Nova Craft Trapper 12 in green

Nova Craft Trapper 12 Canoe

Nova Craft Trapper 12 Canoe in Green
Nova Craft Trapper 12 Canoe from the top
Nova Craft Trapper 12 canoe in action

Nova Craft Trapper 12

Lightweight Solo Canoe

The Nova Craft Trapper 12 is a solo canoe for the modern canoeist built to a traditional design. Lightweight Tuff Stuff composite construction makes this an easy canoe to carry off the water.


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Nova Craft Trapper 12 Canoe

The Nova Craft Trapper 12 is a great canoe for a day out fishing on lakes and creeks equally it has enough space for a week of wilderness camping for one person. Its shallow arch hull design gives the canoe great primary and secondary stability making this a great platform for fishing on flat water. Using your best Indian strokes you can creep up on your prey as this is a quiet boat which doesn't compromise on speed. A delight to paddle on the water and eays to handle off the water, weighing just 17.2kg! Beautiful ash laced seats compliment the traditional feel of the Trapper 12.

Constructed from lightweight Tuff Stuff - a composite material made of basalt and Innegra fibers. When they are woven together into a cloth and infused with our high impact vinylester resin system, the result is simply amazing! TuffStuff canoes are a great choice for recreational paddlers looking for a light canoe thats tough enough to withstand general touring and recreational paddling use.


  • TuffStuff Composite construction.
  • Aircraft grade Black anodized aluminium gunwales and aluminium reinforced ABS end deck plates.
  • Ash framed seats with nylon lacing.
  • Ash carry handles at bow and stern.
  • Shallow arch shaped hull gives great stability whilst the slight rocker allows good manoeuvrability.


  • Length - 12ft / 366cm
  • Width - 34in / 86.4cm
  • Bow Depth - 18in / 45.7cm
  • Centre Depth - 13in / 33cm
  • Stern Depth - 18in / 45.7cm
  • Rocker - minimal
  • Weight - 39.1lbs / 17.2kg
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 490lbs / 223kgOptimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Nova Craft Trapper 12 Canoe for your weight


Nova Craft Tuffstuff - Green


Nova Craft Tuffstuff - Oxblood


Nova Craft Tuffstuff - Sand


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