Safety & Rescue Knives For Canoeing & Kayaking

Rescue Knife - Safety Equipment

A rescue knife should alway be carried when Kayaking & Canoeing.

NRS Co-Pilot Knife
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The Pilot Knife now has a little brother - the NRS Co-Pilot. Great features - smooth and serrated cutting edges, blunt safety tip, bottle opener, etc. Compact design is a fine fit on your PFD.


  • An excellent knife for freshwater boating and rescue. For saltwater use, choose the NRS Titanium Co-Pilot Knife.
  • For all of your cutting needs the Co-Pilot has both super-sharp smooth and serrated sections.
  • The blunt tip design protects against unintentional puncture of your gear or yourself. Also doubles as a flat-head screwdriver.
  • The unique sheath firmly locks the knife in place and only lets it go when you squeeze both sides of the release.
  • The contoured handle and rubberized grip gives you maximum control of the blade.
  • The sheath clip attaches firmly to a PFD lash tab.
  • Also included in the handle are a bottle opener and an oxygen tank valve wrench.

NRS Co-Pilot Knife.


NRS Voss Knife
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Just flick your wrist and the NRS Voss Knife transforms from its easy-to-carry folded position into a rescue-ready lock-blade knife. We designed the Voss to combine the convenience of a folding knife with the functionality of a full-size rigid blade.


  • Deploys one-handed and securely locks open.
  • Smooth and serrated blade sections for efficient cutting of different materials.
  • Blunt safety tip also doubles as a flat screwdriver blade.
  • Contoured handle fits comfortably in your hand and helps keep your fingers separated from the blade.
  • Spring-steel clip holds the Voss at the ready, in a pocket or on the lash tab of your life jacket. Clip can be placed on either side of the handle.

NRS Voss Knife


Palm Folding Knife
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A great safety knife for most watersports. This knife features a 70 mm stainess steel locking blade with a serrated rope-cutting edge and a safely rounded tip. The low profile knurled handle fits neatly in a PFD knife pocket, and the bite pull-tab makes it easier to open one-handed.


  • Highly corrosion resistant 70 mm stainless steel locking blade
  • Textured grip nylon handle
  • Hypalon fabric pull tab for one handed opening
  • Dimensions 30 x 110 x 13 mm (closed)
  • Round nosed blade for safety

Palm Folding Rescue Knife

£18.00 (RRP £20.00 - Saving £2.00)