Kayak Fishing Accessories

Equipment & Accessories For Kayak Angling

Below is a selection of accessories for fishing. If you can't see what you are looking for then please contact directly at the shop.

Scotty Kayak Stabiliser Kit

Scotty Out Riggers

Make your kayak more stable while fishing with the Scotty Out Riggers. Inflation is quick and simple and provide over 30lbs of extra buoyancy. Scotty's new locking posts make installing and removing the out riggers a breeze. Will fit most kayaks.

Price: £449.99

Hobie SideKick AMA Kit

Hobie Sidekick AMA Kit

Hobie Kayaks adjustable stabliser system - three easy to adjust positions to let you set the stability to the level you require. Will fit most kayaks. For more information see our Hobie Kayaks Accessories

Price: £261.95

Hobie Drift Chute

Kayak drift chute from Hobie Kayaks

Large cone shaped "para" chute deployed in the water slows your drift in windy conditions when anchoring is not possible or desired. Design keeps chute just under the surface and fully inflated. Anchor line not included. (Connect to an Anchor Trolley System for best results).

Price: £48.95

Scotty Paddle Clip

Sit On Top Spares Scotty Paddle Clip

A simple and affordable solution to add a 'paddle park' to your kayak for safe storage of you paddle whilst your hands are busy.. Attaches with either stainless bolts, screws, rivets or well nuts, fits any kayak with a flat area.

Price: £12.99