Yellow feelfree dry bag

Feelfree Dry Tubes 5L, 15L & 30L Sizes

Dry Bags For Kayaking & Canoeing

Tough and durable dry bags with a roll down dry seal. Available in a range of sizes and colours.

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Feelfree Dry Bags

These Feelfree Dry Bags are made from a tough PVC Tarpaulin and with the easy roll down dry seal you will get a great dry bag to protect your belongings and keep them dry inside the dry bag. The Feelfree Dry Bags are ideal for all Sit On Top Kayaks, Canoes and White Water Kayaking. They come in four sizes, 5, 15, and 30 litres and a variety of colours.

Feelfree Dry Bags Features


  • Roll-Down Dry Seal Closure.
  • Tough PVC Tarpaulin Fabric.
  • Heavy Duty 19 ounce Vinyl Bottom.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.

Waterproof Level

waterproof level



  • Height (H): 33cm
  • Width (W): 24cm


  • Height (H): 35cm
  • Width (W): 20cm


  • Height (H): 59cm
  • Width (W): 45cm
dry tube Dimensions

Feelfree Dry Luggage Technical Information.

Many years of collaboration with the fabric manufacturer and testing has resulted in a fabric that feels softer yet robust that will outlast laminated fabrics.

Fabric - 420D Vinyl Tarpaulin 

Coating - PVC Dip applied (not laminated).

Toxicity - Non toxic, DINP (the plasticizer in PVC) has already undergone a comprehensive EU Risk Assessment which has confirmed it poses no risk to human health or the environment

DOP Free PVC - There are concerns that DOP (the plasticizer in some less expensive PVC coatings) can adversely affect the environment and possibly health – DOP is not used in Feelfree fabrics.

UV Resistant - Yes

Anti Cold Crack - down to - 30C, Feelfree waterproof luggage was successfully used by 20 scientists for 6 months in Greenland in 2011.

Dip Coated Vinyl - Dip Coating produces a fabric that is more durable than laminated fabrics, especially at folding areas.

Waterproof - The fabric is 100% waterproof.

High Frequency seam welding - Welded seams have been test by Interteck and are rated at 190lbs.

Like everything manufactured and designed by Feelfree the quality is very good.

If you need any further help or advice about the Feelfree Dry Bags please get in touch by email, phone or visit our shop