Canadian Canoe Outfitting

Outfitting parts and spares for all Canoes from our shop and also by mail order throughout the UK.


Replacement Canoe Seats & Backrests


Webbed Canoe Seats

Webbed Canadain Canoe Seats


Bootlace Canoe Seats

Bootlace Canadian Canoe Seats


ABS Snap In Seat

ABS Snap In Seat



Canoe Yokes / Thwarts


Wooden Canoe Yoke

Wooden Canoe Yoke


Deluxe Canoe Yoke

Wooden Canoe Yoke


Wooden Canoe Thwart

Wooden Canoe Thwart


Kneeling Thwart Kit

Kneeling Thwart



Canoe Fittings & Hardware


Canoe Centre Seat Hanging Kit

Canoe Seat Hanging Kit

Can be used as a replacement kit for your current centre seat or used to hang a new centre seat. The kit contains 4 x 6" bolts, gunwale washers, plastic spacers, nuts, washers, rubber end caps and 3 ¼ wooden spacers


The wood is pre finished and uncut to allow for you to cut down to your preferred height.


Canoe Bow/Stern Seat Hanging Kit

Bow and Stern Canoe Seat Hanging Kit

Bow/stern canoe seat hanging kit that can be used to fit a new seat to your canoe or your existing seat.


This kit contains 4x6" bolts, gunwale washers, plastic spacers, nuts, washers, rubber end caps and wooden spacers that are pre-finished. The wooden spacers measure 3 1/4" and 3 5/8" to fit the curved profile of your canoe on the bow or stern.


Canoe Thwart / Yoke Fitting Kit

Thwart and Yoke Fitting Kit

Comprising of 4 x  2” Stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts ideal for fitting new yokes or thwarts or replacing broken screws.

Replacement Yokes - Click Here

Replacement Thwarts - Click Here


North Water Canoe D-Rings

North Water Canoe D-Rings

Mainly ussed for securing Air bags or buoyancy blocks in to open canoes but these D Rings can be used for attaching most items in to your canoe. The rings are large enough for either webbing straps to fit through or Karabiners to clip on.


These D rings are double stitched to a vinyl patch which gives a good large surface for gluing to the bottom of your canoe.


Please note these are sold seperatly.


Canoe Motor Mount

Motor Mount for Canadian Canoes

A wooden mounting place which easily fastens to the gunwales. Please note this will not fit on Pelican or Mad River IQ2 gunwales.

The maximum power Motor which can be fitted is 45lbs thrust.

For motors - Click Here


Nova Craft Gel Coat Repair Kit

Nova Craft Gel Coat Repair Kit

Gel Coat repair kits allow you to repair minor blemishes quickly and effectively.


Nova Craft canoe gel coat repair kits are easy to use and colour specific to your open canoe. Suitable for TuffStuff, TuffStuff Expedition and Aramid construction canoes.

Canoe Skid Plate Kit

Canoe Skid Plate Kit

The ABS Skid Plate Kit product is suitable for canoes made from ABS/Plastic such as Royalex, Royalex Lite or Royalex Plus.


The Composite Skid Plate Kit product is suitable for canoes made from composite materials including Fiberglass, Aramid, Carbon Fibre, TuffStuff and Blue Steel.


Vinyl Canoe Gunwales

Canoe Gunwale for sale UK

Replacement vinyl canoe gunwale, ideal for restoring your canoe. We have gunwales suitable for standard 3PE canoes, Royalex and fibreglass canoes.

Canadian Canoe Painter Kit

Canadian Canoe Painter Kit

A painter kit can be used to secure your canoe or kayak to the bank, securing the bow/stern when loaded on a vehicle, lining the canoe through rapids and to pull you to the riverbank/shoreline.

Suitable for use with all types of Canadian Canoe.

  • 2x 6m lengths of floating rope.
  • 2x lengths of elasticised cord.

Fitting instructions included.

11mm Floating Rope

11mm Floating Rope

Floating 11m polypropylene rope which can be used as canoe painters, tow lines etc.


Sold by the metre.


Note: For use as canoe painter it is recommended to have at least 1.5 – 2 times the length of your boat.

Accessory Cord Rope

Accessory Cord Accessory cords from 3mm to 8mm diameter conform to the requirements of the UIAA and EN564. Cord 2mm & 3mm do not!


  • Diameter - 2mm to 8mm
  • Weight per metre & Minimum breaking load
  • 5mm - 19.5g - 580kg
  • 6mm - 23g - 750kg
  • 7mm - 31g - 1050kg
  • 8mm - 40g - 1400kg

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