Anchor Accessories

Accessories for Anchoring A Kayak

Below is a selection of accessories for anchoring your fishing kayak including anchor trolley kits and all the components you need to make an anchoring system. If you can't see what you are looking for then please contact us.

Universal Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

Universal Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

This anchor trolley kit includes all the parts needed to add an anchor trolley system to your kayak. Supplied with a step-by-step guide and includes a choice of fixings to enable installation even if you cannot access inside of the kayak.


1.5kg Folding Grapnel Anchor

Anchor for Kayaks

Folding Galvanised Anchors are great for kayak fishing. We strongly recommend using an Anchor trolley kit when anchoring off your kayak. Use with 1m of chain and shackle to increase holding power.


1m of 6mm Anchor Chain

Anchor Chain for Kayaks

A 1m length of 6mm galvanised chain for use within a kayak anchor system. Increases holding power of anchor. Attach to anchor using a Bow Shackle (sold seperately).


Anchor Shackle

Anchor Shackle for Kayaks

A galvanised bow shackle. Use to attach anchor chain to an anchor. Simple screw-pin for attachment.

Price: £2.25 (RRP £2.50 - Saving £0.25)

80m Anchor Line Dive Reel

80m Kayak Anchor Reel

80m of high tensile line in a compact package - perfect for use as an anchor line in kayaks of all sizes. For anchoring in up to 40m of water depending on weather and tidal conditions.


Pick Up Buoy

Pick Up Buoy

A must have for quick-release anchor set ups. This a high vis buoy to keep your anchor rig afloat in case you need to quickly release yourself.


Stainless Steel Snap Hook

Stainless Snap Hook

Stainless snap hook with multiple applications. Particularly useful for attaching pulleys to fix points such as pad-eyes, or using as an anchor line guide in an anchor trolley system. Approx 60mm long.

Price: £4.05 (RRP £4.50 - Saving £0.45)

Zig-Zag Cleat

Zig-zag Cleat

Use the zig-zag cleat to easily secure your anchor line and/or anchor trolley when fishing at anchor. Requires fittings.


Stainless Steel Pulley for 6mm Lines

Stainless Anchor Trolley Pulley

This pulley is ideal for use on anchor trolley systems. The pulley will work with up to 6mm diameter cord and the high grade stainless steel makes it great for both fresh water and saltwater set-ups. Sold individually.

Price: £5.40 (RRP £6.00 - Saving £0.60)

Nylon Pad Eyes

Nylon Pad Eyes for Kayaks

Useful general purpose fixing point. Often used to create fixing points for pulleys in an anchor trolley sytem, but can be used with many other accessories. Approx 35mm long. Pack of 4.

Price: £3.00

10m of 5mm Cord

Accessory Cord for Kayaks

5mm multifilament braided polypropylene cord. Great for anchor trolleys and deck line on kayaks. Supplied as a 10m length which will suit forming an anchor trolley or running full length decklines on most kayaks upto 16ft long.

Price: £10.80 (RRP £12.00 - Saving £1.20)

5m of 8mm Floating Rope

Floating Rope for Kayak Anchor Set Up

8mm multifilament braided polypropylene cord. For use as part of a Quick-Release Anchoring Set Up. Supplied as a 5m length.

Price: £6.95

Hobie Drift Chute

Kayak Drift Chute from Hobie Kayaks

Large cone shaped "para" chute deployed in the water slows your drift in windy conditions when anchoring is not possible or desired. Design keeps chute just under the surface and fully open. Connect to an Anchor Trolley System for best results.


Fittings and Fixtures

M5 Stainless Steel Bolt Kit

M5 Stainless Steel Fishfinder Mount Fittings

Stainless Steel 25mm long M5 bolts, washers and nyloc nuts for fitting accessories to a kayak or boat. M5 size is suitable for Ram Mount base mounts and many other applications. Supplied as a pack of 4.

Price: £2.99

Trifold Rivets (Pack of 10)

Trifold Rivets (Pack of 10)

Trifold Rivets have a split shaft, that when compressed, grips really well behind thin walled materials, such as a kayak hull. A great option when you cannot access the back of the area to fit bolts and nuts. A good option for attaching pad eyes and more to kayaks and canoes.

Price: £6.50

Well Nuts - Pack Of 4

M5 Well Nuts - Pack Of 4

Rubber Well Nuts for use when fitting accessories to your kayak. These self seal when tightened to the correct size hole and are ideal for fitting rod holders and fish finders. Requires 8.5 or 9.0mm drill bit for installation. Supplied as a pack of 4.

Price: £3.99