Tripper Ottertail Canoe Paddle with Transport Sock

Tripper with Transport Sock (Left) & Tripper Forest Edition (Right)

Bagder Paddles Tripper Forest Edition (Oiled)

Badger Paddles Tripper

A Traditionally Shaped Ottertail Canoe Paddle

A popular paddle among solo and tandem trippers, as well as day paddlers, the Tripper is a great do-everything paddle for lakes, canals and estuaries.

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Badger Paddles Tripper

The Bager Paddles Tripper is a traditional Ottertail canoe paddle shape. The Tripper is extremely smooth and quiet for a paddle with such a substantial blade surface. Perfect for solo and tandem trippers, as well as day paddlers, the Badger Paddles Tripper is a great do everything paddle for deep water, lakes, canals and estuaries.

Over the years Badger Paddles have made subtle and slight changes to the Tripper paddle until they came to the final shape we see now. This is Badger’s most popular paddle due to its classic traditional look, smooth, quiet fluidity, and a blade size that is preferable to a wide range of paddlers. The blade carries its volume a little higher with a thin tip allowing for a smoother entry in to the water, with plenty of volume once the full blade enters the water in the mid point of your stroke.

Badger Paddles specialize in a superb smooth oiled finish which looks beautiful, is easy to care for and offers a lovely in had feel. The Tripper is constructed from one piece Cherry Wood which allows Badger paddles to leave a little extra wood in the tip for durability.

Every Badger Paddle Tripper comes with a Transport/Storage sock.

Badger Paddles Tripper Forest Edition

Forest Edition Canoe Paddles by Badger




As canoeists, we know and appreciate the need for trees and wild spaces. So for this, and many other reasons, Badger Paddles are collaborating with "One Tree Planted" to create this very special series of canoe paddles and for every FOREST EDITION Badger canoe paddle purchased, one tree will be planted.

All FOREST EDITION CANOE PADDLES will be marked by way of a unique engraving depicting an artistic “paddle tree”. This custom artwork matches the paddle’s blade style and the species of tree the paddle was built from. Just a small reminder of the great forest your paddle could help to grow.

One Tree Planted reforestation projects encompass the globe, include regions in Canada (including British Colombia, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Quebec), USA (including the Appalachias, California, Florida, Idaho, Oregon, and other National Forests). Other forest regions include Mexico, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and even Europe!


  • Ottertail Blade Shape
  • Made from Cheery Wood
  • Oiled Finish
  • Available in 54"/57"/60" and 632 Length
  • Badger Paddle Transport/Storage Sock Included

Badger Paddles Oil

The Badger Paddles canoe paddle oil or Badger Oil, is specifically designed for use on solid wood open canoe paddles, gunwales, yokes & thwarts. Most oiled canoe paddles and parts come pre-oiled and how often they should be re-finished really does depend on the use it gets, however re-oiling your gear will help prolong its life and keep it going for years to come.Ottertail Blade Shape

Badger Paddles Oil

Price £12.95


Baddger Paddles Tripper Dimensions


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