Badger Paddles La Bonga Canoe Paddle with Transport Sock

Badger Paddles La Bonga Canoe Paddle with Transport Sock.

Badger Paddles La Bonga

Teardrop Shaped Badgertail Canoe Paddle

The Badger La Bonga is an efficient and forgiving blade designed for shallower waters

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Badger Paddles La Bonga

The La Bonga is constructed from close grained oiled Cherrywood, the 'Beavertail' style blade is teardrop shaped providing a shorter and wider blade shape than many paddles. This is ideal for paddling shallower waters but works as a good all-round paddle too. The La Bonga is designed to be shorter than longer bladed canoe paddles - less of the total length of the paddle is submerged on each stroke. This means that you can deploy a faster stroke rate than most longer bladed paddles.

With a lot of the width near the blade tip end you will find it will efficiently pull through shallow water smoothly and quietly. If you are in a hurry the short and wide blade packs plenty of power and acceleration. Unlike squared off paddles this traditional teardrop design will move plenty of water quietly. Just take a few hours getting used to how it interacts with the water and you will notice a significant different as to how quietly you can paddle.

Badger’s signature hand shaped transitional ridge down through the area between shaft and blade provides a strong backbone giving the shaft plenty of rigidity. The ridge gradually tapers into the blade allowing for uniform flex towards the center. The ridge also smoothes the flow of water around the blade allowing for a more fluid stroke. The la Bonga is also popular for use with a pack-rafts as it a great choice for paddling from a sitting position.

Includes a Badger Paddle Sock for protection during transport and storage.


  • Beavertail Blade Shape
  • Made from Cherry Wood
  • Oiled Finish
  • Available in 54"/57"/60" and 63" Length
  • Badger Paddle Transport/Storage Sock Included

Badger Paddles Oil

The Badger Paddles canoe paddle oil or Badger Oil, is specifically designed for use on solid wood open canoe paddles, gunwales, yokes & thwarts. Most oiled canoe paddles and parts come pre-oiled and how often they should be re-finished really does depend on the use it gets, however re-oiling your gear will help prolong its life and keep it going for years to come.Ottertail Blade Shape

Badger Paddles Oil

Price £12.95


Baddger Paddles Badgertail Dimensions


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