Palm Clothing And Equipment For Sale

Palm equipment for sale at kayaks and paddles

Kayaks & Paddles stock a wide range of equipment and clothing from Palm. Below you can find our current range of Palm products, if you can't find what you are looking for below then please get in contact with us as we can order in anything from Palm's product range.

Palm Cags

Palm Chinook

Palm Chinook cag


Palm Bora

Palm Bora Cag


Palm Vantage

Palm Vantage Cag


Palm Atom

Palm Atom white water kayaking cag


Palm Surge

Palm Surge white water cag


Palm Zenith

Palm Zenith long sleeve cag


Palm Zenith SS

nrs stampede cagoule - buy from kayaks and paddles plymouth


Palm Vertigo

Palm Vertigo cag


Palm Vector

Palm Vector cag


Palm Pop

Palm Pop cag


Palm Rocket Kids

Palm Rocket cag


Palm Mistral LS

Palm Mistral cag


Palm Mistral SS

Palm Mistral cag


Palm Legwear

Palm Neoprene

Palm Dry Suits

Palm Buoyancy Aids

Palm Universal

Palm Rec Universal buoyancy aid


Palm Kaikoura

Palm Kaikoura buoyancy aid


Palm Extrem PFD

Palm Extrem PFD


Palm FXr PFD

Palm FXr PDF





Palm Peyto

Palm Peyto touring PFD


Palm Meander

Palm Meander


Palm Glide

Palm Glide SUP PFD


Palm Ace PFD

Palm Ace PFD


Palm Hydro PFD

Palm Hydro PFD


Palm Thermals

Palm Footwear

Palm Rock

Palm Rock wetsuit boots


Palm Gradient Shoe

Palm Gradient Boot

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Palm Paddles

Palm Vision Paddle

Palm Vision Kayak Paddle

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Palm Headwear

Palm Shuck Helmet

Palm Shuck Helmet


Palm Header Skullcap

Palm Shuck Helmet


Palm Gloves

Palm Spraydecks

Palm Throw Lines

Palm Tow Lines

Palm Cow Tail

Palm Cow Tail


Palm Equipment

Palm Dry Bags