Grey Owl Canadian Canoe Paddles

Full Range of Open Canoe Paddles from Grey Owl For Sale

At Kayaks & Paddles, we supply the full range of paddles by canadian company, Grey Owl Paddles. High quality, heritage designs produced in the heart of Canada. Please contact us if the canoe paddle you're looking for isn't listed, as we can supply the full range of Grey Owl Canoe Paddles.

Grey Owl Open Canoe Paddles

Grey Owl Owlet

Children's Canoe Paddle

A wooden childrens canoe paddle.


Grey Owl Scout

Grey Owl Scout Wooden Canoe Paddle

Quality lightweight basswood canoe paddle featuring a urethane tip guard for added durability.


Grey Owl Voyageur

Grey Owl Voyaguer Wooden Canoe Paddle

Multi-laminated design of contrasting woods gives an attractve finish with stiff flex for greater performance.


Grey Owl Sugar Island

Grey Owl Voyageur Canoe Paddle

Popular canoe paddle with wide blade used for all round paddling. Made from laminated ash and bass for an atrractive finish.


Grey Owl Sagamore

Grey Owl Voyageur Canoe Paddle

Made from choice black cherry (light) with a football style grip and an oval shaft. Offering a cambered blade with very fine edges and hidden plastic tip insert with an oiled finish.