Kayaks & Paddles Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have A Shop?

We certainly do! Located on the Lee Mill Indstrial estate, 15 minutes from Plymouth town centre, we have 5000ft/sq showroom & 10000ft/sq Warehouse stocked with canoes, kayaks and equipment. You can visit us for a chat and some friendly advice, or to collect your purchase. Just visit our Contact Us page to find us.

Do You Offer A Delivery Service?

Yes we do! For national delivery we use a number of fast and reliable couriers. If you live locally in Devon and Cornwall however, we can sometimes deliver kayaks, canoes and larger bits of equipment using our own vans - This is useful for more delicate items such as composite canoes or kayaks.

What's The Difference Between A Canoe And A Kayak?

This has to be the most asked question in all of our shops! Canoes and Kayaks are often confused as they can look very similar to the untrained eye. Typically speaking, the best way to tell the difference is by paddling position and the type of paddling used.

  • Canoes are paddled from a kneeling or sitting position using a paddle with a single blade
  • Kayaks are paddled from a seated position using a paddle with blades at both ends of the shaft.

What's The Best Canoe Or Kayak For Me?

Kayaking and Canoeing is a diverse sport with many unique styles and disciplines. Without an insight into what kind of paddling you are looking to do, where you are looking to paddle and how deep into the sport you are looking to venture, it's difficult to tell straight away.

All our staff are paddlers and can help you find the best canoe or kayak for you. Having the wrong canoe or kayak for the job will make for a less enjoyable experience and that's the last thing we want. Get in touch with our friendly staff to get impartial advice on the canoe or kayak for you! You can read more about our staff and see them in action on the water here.

What Should I Wear?

As long as you wear a buoyancy aid (similar to a life jacket) to stay safe and you can dress for the weather you are paddling in. If it's a warm summer's day with little wind and bright sunshine, you should dress and prepare as if you are going for a walk. Take the sunscreen (waterproof if possible) and prepare to get a bit wet, it is a watersport after all. For more info and advice please contact the shop, our experienced staff will happily advise on suitable clothing for the paddling you plan to do.

How Do I Return Goods Ordered?

If you are local you can take your item back to store you purchased the item from with your Receipt.

You can Return your Goods by sending them back to the address below. It is very important to include a cover note with your contact details and receipt number (begins KAY followed by 5 digits, i.e. KAY12345), we also strongly recommend using a tracked service with adequate insurance as we cannot be held responisble for items which do not arrive with us.

Return address:

Kayaks and Paddles (Plymouth) Ltd.

Unit 1 Richmond Place
Central Avenue
Lee Mill Industrial Estate
Ivybridge, Devon
PL21 9RL